September 18, 2007

Make Mine Marvel!

When I was a kid, you could either be a DC Comics loyalist or a Marvel Comics true believer. We were all firmly entrenched in the Marvel camp.

I absolutely loved the old EC comics like Tales From The Crypt and Haunt Of Fear. But they were collector's items by the time I was a kid. The reprints are great however.

Spiderman, The Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four and The Silver Surfer had it all over the DC stable. Besides, Superman was a giant pussy and never killed anyone. And this was before Batman became "The Dark Knight" and became more of a vigilante. But Marvel had The Punisher and he was actually looking to shoot the bad guys. And Marvel wasn't afraid to kill off characters like Spiderman's girlfriend Gwen Stacy. Of course, then they had to clone her and Aunt May must have almost died about 300 times, but still; Marvel kicked ass. And Doctor Strange was THE acid comic. He's even on the cover of Pink Floyd's Saucerful Of Secrets

And, the girls in Marvel comics were ridiculously hot (yeah- I know they weren't real; but when you're 14 years old...)

I like the current threads in Spiderman alot... he absolutely kicked the shit out of Kingpin a few issues back and seems to be going into a "vengeful retribution" phase.

Now that I have kids, I get to relive my old comics plus check out the new stuff. The Marvel Zombies line is bad-ass, if a bit silly. Some of the Marvel character movies have been disappointing as well. But, all in all:



Rinjo Njori said...

I don't know what it is-0- but all these British bands from the late 70s and early 80s covered the Batman theme. I just don't get it... One of Billy Childish's bands covered it for chrissakes!

b said...

awesome post! though i'm a dc kid. . . probably because i grew up with the batman/superman cartoons and made the jump into comics from there. . . if my father had thought to get his old comics out, he coulda made us marvel fans. he was all about spider-man, from what i understand.

though apparently i fit the typical female comic reader cos I like Y the Last Man and Sandman.

I've been noticing marvel zombies peripherally but whoa, who in the world came up with that and pitched it? awesome idea though, as are the figurines.

i'd be psyched if the vandals came to nyc. i had tickets to see them at warped tour in CA, wasn't able to go but they canceled anyway. . .

Nazz Nomad said...

the zombie tie-in started with a cross over plot starring Ash from The Evil Dead and Army Of Darkness. As Sam Raimi directed both The Evil Dead and Spiderman, I assume that was the genesis of the idea.

manicgirl said...

Ah, if only you had Sidekick by Rancid your list would be complete.