June 23, 2008

The Pool of Serenity

My summer solstice resolution is to not add fuel to the argumentative fire. I pledge to just walk away from Ms. Nomad's occasional bouts of verbal onslaughts ... NO MATTER HOW RIGHT I AM!!!!! It might have taken me 20 years to figure it out, but resistance is useless. There is no "win" scenario, at best a Pyhrric victory might be possible. I have a wise older cousin, who has fought the marital wars for longer than I, and he always advised me to just AVOID CONFLICT at all costs.

So... I will walk away when confronted with the chaos that results from two people being married for a looooonnnnggggg time..

Or, drift away. The pool is finally up and running... despite it's best attempts at putting me in the asylum. The leaks in the gaskets have been patched and seem to be holding, amazing what a tube of this stuff can do! At one point last week, after failing to get the deck re-attached, I just gave up and went to mow the lawn and curse the very day that swimming pools were invented; leaving the hard work to Ms. Nomad and Princess Nomad.

Whom of course were able to complete said task with-out Mr. Asshole's help.
I spent the weekend on the Big Daddy float, drinkin' this stuff and listening to Led Fukking Zeppelin.

Sooo, for this summer, it's just beer and frozen drinks and serenity now.
Insanity to come, later.

Joey Ramone - Garden Of Serenity (live)
The Huntingtons - No Pool Party
REM - Nightswimming (demo)
Dropkick Murphys - Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced
Cheap Trick - Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

June 20, 2008

Report From The Heartland

Just got back from Minnesota and I am tired, hungover and I sorta smell. But than again, I am usually tired, hungover and sort of smell. Everyone is soooo nice out there. Nothing like New York. But they do say "You Betcha" an awful lot! I didn't get a chance to get to The Triple Rock Social Club, the Dillinger Four's homebase. Bummer.

Driving 150 miles north of the Twin Cities, I was amazed by how many pro-life billboards are on the highways. I guess they take their Jesus pretty seriously in the hinterlands. Here's a car that I found myself parked next to.

The Metrodome (home of the Twins) is pretty cool. Indoor baseball is still an aesthetic monstrosity. The big sellers from the vendors were chocolate chip cookies and milk! Cheese curds and corn dogs seemed to be selling well outside too.
I, however, spent my hard earned cash on these. At 6 bucks for a 2o ouncer, it was the best deal around.

Here's a shot of one of the Nationals getting put on his ass from a hit by pitch. I bought a ticket outside for half price and moved around the stadium at will. This shot was when I was pretty much 2 rows off the field by home plate. There were 23,000 people at the game. The only non-whites I saw in the entire stadium were the players on the field.They call Minnesota the land of 10,000 lakes. 9,999 to go!
This is an elk farm. I did not ask if they were selling elk milk.

And here, is a celebration of our country's conspicuous consumption. The Mall Of America. My hotel turned out to be across the street, so I checked it out before I had to dash to the airport.
When you're in the heartland, I guess you get your corporate punk rock where ever you can. They were playing Radiohead inside. I asked if they had any Replacements or Husker Du or Dillinger Four . I don't think the clerk knew who I was talking about.They have a freakin' amusement park inside the mall. It actually looked like fun. More fun than buying shit, for sure.

Here's some toonage for the Dillinger Four. Because they kick ass.

Dillinger Four - Who Didn't Kill Bambi
Dillinger Four - Double Whiskey No Ice
Dillinger Four - Mosh For Jesus
Dillinger Four - Smells Like OK Soda

June 17, 2008

Feelin' Minnesota

I gotta go to Minnesota on business. A three hour flight and then a three hour drive up north. That oughtta be interesting... I hope I don't hit a moose. They have moose in Minnesota, right? I know they got mosquito's.

Since I'll be staying over in Minneapolis, I was gonna do a Husker Du/Replacements tour. Look up their old haunts. Or maybe hang out with Prince.

But instead, I'm gonna hit a Twins game. Always wanted to see where this guy kicked ass.

But I will stay away from this place. Jeez, what a waste of real estate. And to think, people consider it a tourist destination!
Here's some toonage from Minnesota's finest.

June 13, 2008

Veneratio Thy Abbas

The ones who love us best are the ones we'll lay to rest
And visit their graves on holidays at best
The Replacements... "Bastards Of Young"

Fathers Day is this weekend. To those lucky to be fathers, have a great day. For those of you that are lucky enough to still have fathers, tell em you love em!


June 10, 2008

Burning Renditions

Here in the North East, it's hot. Went to around 100 degrees .
Big Fucking Deal.
The media makes it out like we've never had hot days before. Get over it people. In fact, I wore a denim jacket to work today. Mostly because I couldn't find my holster and I need to carry my sidearm. But people looked at me like I was crazy to have a jacket on. I like it hot. In fact, let it get to 110 degrees. New Yorkers are a buncha pussies. However, it is nce to see sweaty women in various states of undress.

Speaking of pussies, I am going to see Robert Plant and Alison Krauss tonite. So, aside from their collaborations from their album Raising Sand, I'll get to hear pussified versions of some Led Zep tunes, as they are playing reconstructed versions of "Black Dog", "When The Levee Breaks", and a couple of others. Jeez, old Planty looks an awful lot like this guy these days. But Krauss is kinda hot.
But not as hot as it is outside.

Robert Plant & Allison Krauss - Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson
The Replacements - Misty Mountain Hop (Live)
Pearl Jam w/ Robert Plant - Thank You (Live 10-5-05)
Aerosmith w/ Robert Plant & Jimmy Page - Bring It On Home (Live 1-12-95)
Neil Young, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page - When The Levee Breaks/For What It's Worth (Live 1-12-95)

June 7, 2008

It's A Song About Turtles

I have no idea why this song is making me laugh so much right now. Could it be the many Dead shows in which we would sing the wrong lyrics to f#ck with the tapers, and than of course the grand build up to INSPIRATION. Oh, did we use to love to f#ck with people. Can't blame it on the drugs or booze either. We were just Punk Rock douchebags. That car blasting Black Flag in the parking lot? That would be us, sunshine.
Yeah, I know, I went to 200 plus Dead shows and followed em all around (and probably another 100 Dead related since the Fat Man checked off this mortal coil). But I wasn't a Deadhead. I wore footwear! Yeah, and denial is a river in Egypt.

I Can't Figure Out
Is It The End or Beginning
It's a song about turtles
What the f#ck are they singing?

and here is the most relevant thing Hillary's husband said in 8 years.

Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station (live 3-18-77 Winterland)

June 6, 2008

Redrum Redrum Redrum

All work and no play makes Nazz a dull boy.All work and no play makes Nazz a dull boy.All work and no play makes Nazz a dull boy.All work and no play makes Nazz a dull boy.All work and no play makes Nazz a dull boy.All work and no play makes Nazz a dull boy.All work and no play makes Nazz a dull boy.All work and no play makes Nazz a dull boy.All work and no play makes Nazz a dull boy.All work and no play makes Nazz a dull boy.All work and no play makes Nazz a dull boy.All work and no play makes Nazz a dull boy.All work and no play makes Nazz a dull boy.All work and no play makes Nazz a dull boy.All work and no play makes Nazz a dull boy.

June 4, 2008

The Queen Is Dead

Don't go be bad

Cause you been had

Don't go be sad

Don't go away mad

Just go away (go away)

O Don't ya know

Don't wanna see ya curse and pout

Pack it and move it

Ya spell, ya read O U T out

"Just Go Away" - Blondie

Sorry Hillary, I know you really really really really wanna be President.
I really really really really want to be a Rock Star. And pitch for the Mets.
But I can't play well enough. (Actually, I might pitch well enough to be on the Mets)!
And Hillary, you're just an unlikeable liar with delusions of grandeur.
Good riddance.
Oh, and make sure you drag down the whole Democratic Party with you and ensure that we get at least four more years of Bush's policy's. After all, it's better to destroy the whole country than bow out gracefully.
Try having a little grace. Perhaps you can still be an asset to this country by helping Obama win.

David Bowie - Queen Bitch (1972 BBC Radio Sessions)
Eater - Queen Bitch (Bowie Cover)
Green River - Queen Bitch (Bowie Cover)
Rolling Stones - Bitch (Acetate version)
New Bomb Turks - Bitch
The Specials - Little Bitch
Stiff Little Fingers - Just Fade Away
Blondie - Just Go Away