November 30, 2009

Cheesy Ennui

Strange days. There are some very dark storm clouds at the old veal pen. I know a little too much for comfort, and am hoping that I survive this onslaught.

In addition, I blew out my back again this weekend. Our main television crapped out and I had to carry it out to the garbage and than bring our old one up from the basement. These are the old solid state picture tube cathode ray monsters, not those dainty flat screens. For a few minutes I actually contemplated consumerizing and doing the purchase thang, but sanity prevailed. The missus and I promised each other that xmas 2010 will be the target date for any new frivolous expenditures. That's if we still have jobs, of course.

Our band has hit some sort of ennui as well. We just can't seem to all get together and work on these new songs.

Some of us hooked up this weekend and we came up with a new one "The Ballad Of John List". It's very much in the Damned/Stooges vein. But we've got 6 songs that we have to finish up. 6! Plus, we're still waiting on the final mix of our video for "Kids Go To The Woods, Kids Get Dead".

One thing I can recommend is the new destucto-porn flick 2012. Horrible dialect, cheesy acting, complete improbabilty and the total annihilation of Planet Earth. Perfect holiday fare!

Here's some cheesy music that for some reason is sticking with me.


November 26, 2009


Three for Thanksgiving Day. It's been a tough year and I pray for all of us that it starts to get better.

November 23, 2009

J. Mascis is Gawd

Noise is for heroes!

or something. A major omission in my musical history was keerected Sat nite as I witnessed pure guitar noise fury with Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth.

It was going to work out perfectly... Dino Jr were the support, so I could engulf myself in them; and when I ran out of patience with Sonic Youth, it would be out ta door and heading home.

Except that Dino Jr only played 50 freaking minutes!!!!!! Yeah, they were fantastic, J. Mascis drenching the crowd with wave after wave of guitar bliss, whilst Barlow and Murph held the riddim. But I wanted more. Much more.

J. Masic is our alt Neil Young. Look at the long white hair, hear the guitar distortion, feel the off kilter vocals. Hey, the following vids aren't exactly hi qual audio... but you get the drift!


Little Fury Things

And Sonic Youth were really entertaining too! I actually made it through their entire set and wanted more! Kim Gordon is (almost) Gawd too. Jeez... I hadn't seen Sonic Youth in many years and that's a mistake I won't make again. Me likey the Sonic Youth.

Cross The Breeze

The entire Sonic Youth Set 11/21/09 can be found here!
(thanks to NYC Taper)
A whole lot of Dinosaur Jr live shows can be found here!

November 16, 2009

And On The Farm He Had An Aneurism

A couple of quickies...

The excellent site Music Ruined My Life has turned me on to this gentlemen named Frankie Turner. Sorta an angrier Billy Bragg/Ted Leo. I am quite impressed. See for yourself:

We recorded again this weekend... a demonic, demented version of the old children's' staple "Old McDonald". And yes, it's for another movie... about a satanically possessed "speak and spell". I'll post it as soon as we finished mixing.

Yeah, I play bass, but this guy REALLY PLAYED BASS!

And lastly, I suppose it is important to know that our new soon to be hit was recorded under the influences of this and this!

Semper Fi, muthafuckas!

November 10, 2009

No Peace In The Valley

Hit another number on time's odometer this weekend. Possessed by a feeling of relief more than anything else these days. I still have a job (yes, we had yet another bloodbath at the veal pen last week), health, family, etc.

Challenging days ahead for sure.... apparently, the biggest growth market in psychiatry is in the spouses and children of working folk. The anxiety level has escalated to epidemic proportions with kids worrying that mom or dad will be out of a job.

Something is gonna give at work... too many suits walking around being shown the environs. Are we for sale? Who isn't? So we sit and hope the scythe is whetted at another site.

Good times. Good times.

How can I explain to those that weren't there
Of the days and the nights and the trouble we'd share
An old man's tale's at the end of the bar
I shoulda finished before I made it this far


November 5, 2009

What Happens In Vegas...

...stays in Vegas. Or something.

We survived our Halloween excursion to Sin City. It could be called "From Big Elvis to Coolio in three drunken days."

This is "Big Elvis"... down to 400 lbs from his original 800 lbs!

Three solid daze of booze, broads, rock n roll, horror and fun! We ended up doing virtually everything on our list. Some of the hilights were the Fangoria Magazine Trinity Of Terrors, the best bar in Vegas: THE DOUBLE DOWN; where we consumed much ass juice and did not puke, and the Halloween weirdness on the Las Vegas Strip.

We dressed as disco zombies... complete with silver foil disco shirts and much blood and gore. Our back story was that we were on our way to Studio 54 and were killed by zombies. And we deserved it. Why? Because we were going to a disco!

Disco Zombie meets the Oral/ Anal Girls

We also took in the club scene at the Hard Rock Flesh and Fantasy Ball. That was weird multiplied by a million. Old Nazz invented a dance move called the sway and topple. It's when you drink so much that you sorta fall into people. Punk rock!


Oh, did I mention that we spent the entire three days with a total of 5 hours of sleep? The only was to avoid a grievous hangover? STAY DRUNK!
The view from our room

We gambled a little bit and did the snake diet... one meal a day.

And our last bizarre encounter was at a 5 am $5.99 steak and eggs casino restaurant, where Coolio sat at the table next to us and was completely out of his mind .

Oh... in case you didn't know... there are hot girls everywhere in Vegas... they must grow em in a field somewhere!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to go back!

Chuck Berry - Too Much Monkey Business
The Cramps - Dames, Booze, Chains and Boots
Three Aces And A Joker - Booze Party
Dropkick Murphys - Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced

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