February 29, 2012

5 Years

Today marks 5 years that I have been self pleasuring myself on this blog.

I was supposed to be a writer. People who knew me back in school are always surprised that I haven't made it my career. This is a sad representation of what was supposed to be "my calling".

Like pretty much everything else, it's a second rate result of higher hopes and expectations.

When I started "Bleedin Out", I was totally stressed and hoped that this blog would soothe the voices in my head. "Bleedin' Out" was derived from the Roman practice of cutting one's wrists, lying in a warm pool of water and gently dying, as the blood drained from the wounds. Alot like writing.

I guess the benefits of this blog were that it kept me going for five years, got me turned on to some good music, gave me an outlet to bitch and moan, and meet some great folks (that would be YOU). Thanks to anyone out there who has read this blog, and thanks to all who have taken cyber-pen to hand and left a comment. Your comments were my sustenance.

As I have my "Naked Lunch" moment- there's not a whole lot to look ahead to. And things are only gonna get worse.

I have grown older and nothing is very much fun anymore.

February 26, 2012


The show "Fridays" was a shameless rip-off perpetuated by ABC in the early 80's to capture the audience demo of NBC's "Saturday Nite Live". It might be best known for being the launching pad of "Seinfeld's" Larry David and Michael Richards. Also notable was a totally surreal stint by Andy Kaufman where  Kaufman "breaks character" and a fistfight took place (later revealed to be a ruse).

However, I remember it as being a great source of live performances from some of my favorite bands.
The Clash, The Jam and The Plasmatics all had notable gigs on the show. The Plasmatics show (in the heyday of their hyped nihilistic glory, was especially entertaining). I still get chills watching The Clash.

List of bands that performed on Fridays:

February 20, 2012

Beastie Boys Samples

While listening to "Licensed To Ill", I got curious as to all the samples that the Beastie Boys have used on their albums.

 I found this on the Miscreant Productions site, and figured I'd pass it on. It's a catalog of all the different samples and the source material that the Beastie Boys lifted.

Some of the sources are pretty obvious (a ton of Zep, James Brown, and Sly Stone), but did you know that they also sampled Elvis Costello (on "Egg Man"), Black Flag ‐ (on "And What You Give Is What You Get") and Pink Floyd (on "Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun")?

Cool stuff.

February 16, 2012

This Is a Public Service Announcement...WITH GUITAR!!!!

Know Your Rights, muthafuckers

This is a public service announcement
With guitar!

Know your rights
All three of them!

Number one!
You have the right not to be killed
Murder is a CRIME!
Unless it was done
by a policeman
or an aristocrat
Ohh, know your rights!

And Number two
You have the right to food money
Providing of course
You don't mind a little
And if you cross your fingers

Know your rights
These are your rights

Number three
You have the right to free Speech
As long as
You're not dumb enough to actually try it

Know your rights
These are your rights
Know your rights

These are your rights

All three of 'em

And it has been suggested in some quarters ...  That this is not enough!

Get off the streets

Get off the streets

February 13, 2012

I Nailed Ayn Rand

Back around 1980 or 81, when I was a young hustling' teenager and hanging out at CBGB's, I nailed Ayn Rand.  

 She was down the block in front of the Palace Hotel, waiting for her chauffeur (I believe if memory serves me, his name was "Hickey") to pick up her morphine. I spotted her and said "Hey Ayn Rand, How ya doing!" I had recently read "Atlas Shrugged" (great book for killing time riding the subways- and a handy weapon for defending yourself). She looked at me (resplendent in my self determination punk rock glory), and told me (in a gravelly old russian accent) to wait in the limo. I took one look at her Octogenarian legs and jumped in back. She joined me, and we spent about an hour riding around midtown Manhattan, her gummy mouth (she had taken out her dentures) "servicing" my fountainhead. As I leaned back, looking at the tall skyscrapers and thinking of Siouxie Sioux's mouth on my rod, I sighed contentedly. When she asked for reciprocation, I responded that "it was up to her to make herself happy, and that I could not be responsible for her pleasure". She wearily looked at me, gave me $50 and sent me on my way. I was able to make it back to CB's for DOA's set.

Rock n roll, ya mofo Objectionists!!!!!!

February 9, 2012

A Quick One

WE'RE ALL FORGIVEN! And who among us can't use a little forgiveness!

(On the other hand, look what happened to Gandhi!)

February 3, 2012

Dead Punks Curve

I've driven close to 1000 miles in the last 36 hours, fueled by decaffeinated tea and alot of great music.
Largely responsible for my decaf high energy level was a fuckton of two of the greatest albums ever devised by human beings:




Play em loud muthafucka's!

PUNK FUCKING ROCK- It's what's for breakfast, lunch and dinner.