February 28, 2011

Next Stop: Tiger Beat!

We spent Saturday shooting our album cover. Way freaking cool. One of our friends (forever known now as "Damsel Adams") is a professional photographer and worked with us. And it WAS work. As were shooting in NYC, on an unclosed street, we constantly had to stop and scramble as cars drove by (we were shooting in an intersection). It would ruin the surpirse, but the cover is an homage (or blatant rip-off) of a rather well known classic LP.

We WERE going to shoot it exactly where The Ramones first album was shot, but decided against it. However, we did do a classic "band against a brick wall" shot that will soon be posted up in this here gallery. And of course we did the obligatory tribute shot to these guys.

It was really hard work to be a model. Avoiding the self conciousness of being in the camera eye is tough. Especially as how we were all having trouble taking the whole thing seriously. Especially on the "candid" shots that will be for Tiger Beat. Originally I was going to pose with no pants on, but it was damn cold. And shrinkage is a bad thing.

But it was soooo cool as passersby kept looking at us and some people even came up to us and asked if we were a band.

February 16, 2011

The Politics Of Addiction

When does self medicating become addiction? Is it possible to keep up a regimen of alcohol and other intoxicants without it becoming a problem. Now, I am not referring to the underlying cause that necessitates such activity. I'm talking about whether this method of silencing the voices in one's head is a possible benefit, or is it a problem?


Kris Kristofferson - Sunday Morning Coming Down
Blind Willie McTell - I Keep On Drinking
The Damned - Drinking About My Baby

February 10, 2011

Condemned To Life

Anytime some fucking little whiny bitch starts complaining about life and how they want to die; just take them to a cancer ward. Ask them if they wanna trade places with anyone in a room. Or for that matter, ask them if they want a heaping dose of cancer via syringe.

February 7, 2011

Of Lux & Ivy and Pill Misadventures

Here's one for ya's... last week I coughed right as I was swallowing a capsule. Instead of going down the gullet, it went up my sinus cavity. Where it proceeded to lodge for a couple of days, inflaming my head and causing me to intermittently blow out tiny time release pills and ultimately, a viscous gooey ball of blue gelatin.

I have also been a fair amount of pain due to my back issues and have been on a rather unhealthy regimen of vicodins lately. Which is fun and all, but I'd rather save my meds for recreational purposes. It does make listening to these guys pretty interesting. Just pop a vic and zone out.

Oh, and I heartily recommend Wolaver's Organic Brewing - Vermont made and their Wolaver's Alta Gracia Coffee Porter.
Holy cow, is it good! Dark beer, with the hint of coffee and vanilla beans.

Hey, it was Ronald Reagen's birthday this weekend, and all sorts of media outlets were fellating him. I will celebrate the 100th anniversary of that asshole's death, not his birth.

And here's something that you should all download! Some enterprising soul has put together an incredible compilation of crazy rock n roll, rock a billy and, well OMFUG. It's called Lux & Ivy's Favorites and it's 12 volumes of audio goodness. It's the kind of stuff that woulda been on The Cramps jukebox. You can access them here: 

I've been cranking the pharmies and the toonage from this collection. It'll keep ya bizzy all day. Or something.

February 1, 2011


What a treat this past weekend to see The Muff's! Kim Shattuck and mates Ronnie Barnett-Bass and Roy McDonald-Drums  put on a swell show (Kim told me she loves the word "swell") at Maxwell's in Hoboken.

I actually hadn't been 'cross the river to Maxwell's since the late 80's. As far as I can tell, it hadn't changed at all- except the beer prices were higher! Thinking back to the shows I saw back then... Redd Kross, The Replacements, Dream Syndicate, and so many more. Why haven't I been back in 20 years? 'Cause I'm white and lazy!

Back to The Muff's... is there anyone more darling and sweet than Kim Shattuck? I think not! She led her band into a playbook of all of their best loved tunes (and no, they did not play their cover of "Kids In America") plus some new ones from their forthcoming unreleased elpee (being shopped around with da labels currently). Kim's duality of sweet wholesomeness and the gutterall growl she can bring forth were perfect with the three chord garage/punk/pop goodness. And plus, she's just as nice in person!

The crowd (sold out) was extremely enthusiastic. And, as a bonus, I even got to break up a fight! Because, now that I look like this guy, no one messes with me.

When Kim came out to sing "Rock N Roll Girl" with opener Paul Collins' Beat (Paul of course being The King Of Power Pop!- and jee-zus, he and his band kicked ass too!), the circle was complete! Paul blushed when Kim hugged him. And the rest of us just stared jealously!

Here's a live Muffs show from the good folks over at Music Ruined My Life. Enjoy it.