February 7, 2011

Of Lux & Ivy and Pill Misadventures

Here's one for ya's... last week I coughed right as I was swallowing a capsule. Instead of going down the gullet, it went up my sinus cavity. Where it proceeded to lodge for a couple of days, inflaming my head and causing me to intermittently blow out tiny time release pills and ultimately, a viscous gooey ball of blue gelatin.

I have also been a fair amount of pain due to my back issues and have been on a rather unhealthy regimen of vicodins lately. Which is fun and all, but I'd rather save my meds for recreational purposes. It does make listening to these guys pretty interesting. Just pop a vic and zone out.

Oh, and I heartily recommend Wolaver's Organic Brewing - Vermont made and their Wolaver's Alta Gracia Coffee Porter.
Holy cow, is it good! Dark beer, with the hint of coffee and vanilla beans.

Hey, it was Ronald Reagen's birthday this weekend, and all sorts of media outlets were fellating him. I will celebrate the 100th anniversary of that asshole's death, not his birth.

And here's something that you should all download! Some enterprising soul has put together an incredible compilation of crazy rock n roll, rock a billy and, well OMFUG. It's called Lux & Ivy's Favorites and it's 12 volumes of audio goodness. It's the kind of stuff that woulda been on The Cramps jukebox. You can access them here: 

I've been cranking the pharmies and the toonage from this collection. It'll keep ya bizzy all day. Or something.


Rinjo Njori! said...

Nazz-- you checked out Tumblr yet? Just curious what you think of it

I reset up my blog over there:

I have no idea how it works, but it definitely shakes up the whole blogger thing

AC'63 said...

very cool Naz, will give it a listen tonight

Your driver said...

I was surprised how many of these songs I already have. Still, a very cool selection. One of my other heroes, Peter Stampfel of The Holy Modal Rounders wrote a great piece on Shombolar by Sheriff and The Revells.

Your driver said...

Peter Stampfel performing Shombolar and discussing it's history along with the history of his neighborhood.
Say hi for me to! That anonymous, what a potty mouth!

Matt said...

I'll go check that out... In case you never came across it, you might be interested in this: http://fuckthemummies.blogspot.com/
For all I know, I got pointed there by you one day, but... I finally got around to DLing the whole Father's And Sons set, and am slowly making my way through it. Some great old new-to-me things!
Hope the pain eases enough for you to be able to stash a few pills away for a pain-free day!

(huh. the CAPCHA code to enter, for me, was "nicap" - which is close enough to Nightcap to make that a fun little smirky-type for me!)


Nazz Nomad said...

matt- fuck the mummies is awesome and i d'l'ed most of the fathe rand son stuff

jon- missed the stampfel show- bummer

anonymous- keeps those cards n letter's coming in!