January 24, 2013


My very own Dr. Benway upped my meds to a level that has made me alternate between being unable to think and being able to think too much. He's also made me promise to limit myself to a couple of drinks a week and no other "funny stuff" until my brain chemistry stabilizes.

As a result, my creative muse has done flown the coop and I am spinning in and out of elevated/depressed mental states.

Big fun.

Certainly, my body detoxing is not helping me in my current psyche; nor is the winter gloom.

I seem to be staring at my computer screen alot; unable to even do my job...much less any type of writing.

And, this nameless, shapeless, spectre of dread seems to be trailing me.

Yeah, I know... middle class white people's problems. Waah waah waah.

I suppose listening to alot of music from The Melvins isn't the best panacea for my ills, but it seems to be helping a little.

Here, try some on for yersselves.

January 15, 2013

You Know The Pain That's In My Heart / I Guess That Shows That I'm Not Very Smart

When things end, they end with a whimper AND a bang. Scorched fucking earth. I'm sitting in a hotel room out in the wilderness thinking about Willie Loman and trying to figure out what to wrap my belt around that will support my weight.

Unfortunately, modern hotel rooms have no rafters, so I guess I'll see the morning.

Absolution is out of the question

It makes no sense to apologize
The words I thought I brought I left behind,
so never mind

PS- "Color Me Obsessed" the Replacements documentary (spoiler alert- it's all talkin' heads and NO 'Mat's music) is on youtube. It's also posted for your convenience below. It's two hours of pontifications about the last great hope for rock n roll.

All over but the shouting, indeed.

January 11, 2013


Apropos of nothing. I just got socked with Princess Nomad's Spring college invoice. I just paid over more money for that one semester than it cost me to go to school for five years (not including beer and dope of course). Holy crap- the price of University is absolutely absurd. AND... that's factoring in that the kid got about $25,000 in grants and aid. Luckily, the Princess is a great student (and most of the $$$$ she got in grants was due to her academics).
I have no idea how parents who haven't been able to save and borrow can do this.

I just hope she remembers my largess when she's looking at my life support and deciding whether to pull the plug or not.

In other news... there's this band called THE CLASH that was around last century  You should look into them. They were a nifty little combo.

January 2, 2013

Joey Ramone- Rare recording

Found this on the interwebs- the story from Joey's brother Mickey Leigh:

"One day we drove out to a little studio in Long Island to record a song I know Joey had been dreaming about since we were little kids, Gene Chandler’s “Duke of Earl.” He asked me to play guitar on it. The legendary ‘60s Brooklyn doo-wop band, The Mystics, backed us up. My brother’s love for the song, as well as the music of that era, poured out in his vocal. I love his version, and listen to it often."
(this is from the cassette i walked out of the studio with that day. The producer with the multi-track said it was lost, so that crappy little cassette could be the only copy in existence or, known existence.)

Joey Ramone: Duke Of Earl