January 15, 2013

You Know The Pain That's In My Heart / I Guess That Shows That I'm Not Very Smart

When things end, they end with a whimper AND a bang. Scorched fucking earth. I'm sitting in a hotel room out in the wilderness thinking about Willie Loman and trying to figure out what to wrap my belt around that will support my weight.

Unfortunately, modern hotel rooms have no rafters, so I guess I'll see the morning.

Absolution is out of the question

It makes no sense to apologize
The words I thought I brought I left behind,
so never mind

PS- "Color Me Obsessed" the Replacements documentary (spoiler alert- it's all talkin' heads and NO 'Mat's music) is on youtube. It's also posted for your convenience below. It's two hours of pontifications about the last great hope for rock n roll.

All over but the shouting, indeed.