June 28, 2010

Bite Marks On My Stomach

The New Bomb Turks blew the roof off of the place- pure rawk n roll madness. As an added bonus, after the show, there was an open bar serving free Bushmills! Oh, and after the bands, the place became a LESBIAN CLUB. I'm talkin' hundreds of sapphic sisters getting down. Unfortunately, they were for the most part NOT "lipstick lesbians", they were more of the "I want to look like a teenage boy" crop. Oh well, it was still fun to be around... despite the withering glares that J-Lo and I received as representatives of the "we have real facial hair and cocks" brigade.

As I got "looser", I got friendlier to the "we hate men brigade". The local alt newspaper was celebrating "gay pride week" and had a picture on the cover of three mostly naked guys. So, I kept lifting up my shirt and telling the "gals" that I was one of the models. At one point, a femme got down on her knees and took a bite out of my stomach! Hard. Not as hard as a Romero Zombie would have, but I still have teethmarks on my mid riff! Hope I don't get rabies.

It's been awhile since I posted up some of the cooler stuff that has both hit my mailbox and also been discovered on my forays into the gaping musical maw of the 'net. Here's some stuff to check out. Click on the band/song for the toonage...

Red Hot Rebellion - "For The Benefit Of Evil" : Definitely has the Cheetah Chrome Dead Boys geetar riffs. I also get some Supersuckers and Candy Snatchers flavor from it. Plus they rip off the Ramones logo. Music to drink canned beer by. More info: http://www.redhotrebellion.com/

Leaf Hound - "Stray" " These guys are from like from 1970, but still around. Their album "Growers Of Mushroom" is sposedly highly collectible . Total Zep/Nuge/Stoner Rock. Chris Cornell had to of worshipped at the altar of lead singer Pete French. Long ass nasty guitar solos and blues bass. Music to play in the back of your 1971 shag rugged fuck-mobile van with a hot blonde waif servicing yer every need.
More info: http://www.leafhound.net/

The Melvins - "The Water Glass" - It's The Melvins. 20 albums in and they still kick ass. Nuff said.
More info: http://www.themelvins.net/

Guitar Wolf - "Should I Stay Or Should I Go"
- Fuck me with a chainsaw, daddy-o. You got the Japanese legends covering The Clash in broken English. And the part of the song where The Clash sing the original lyrics in Spanish are emulated in what might be Esperanto.
More info: http://www.guitarwolf.net/

June 23, 2010

Destroy! Oh Boy!

And another domino of fatherhood falls this Saturday as the tribes split up for a nite of “punk” rawk. Princess Nomad is off to the Bamboozle Roadshow (the alt/emo/newpunk festival). She will be our intrepid correspondent as she will report on the bands. Your humble tour guide will be in another county, catching the NEW BOMB TURKS!


The princess has been to 20 or so shows in her time ranging from the N Syncs and Britneys and Demi Lovatos. And responsible father I am, I have escorted her to a few punk fests (a couple of WarpedTours come to mind). But, despite her abandoning me last year for her friends and leaving her loving Daddy plus his buddy forlorn in the beer tent (OK, we weren’t forlorn, we were actually pretty happy to be be drinking icy cold beer on a 100 degree day), she has never been without a grown-up somewhere in the surroundings. My 16 year old daughter… adrift amongst the Hot Topic masses. Woe is me.

Daddy-O will be far more irresponsible than my little cupcake; as the New Bomb Turks will FUCK YOU UP, even without John Barleycorn. Of course, the demon stuff never hurts! Christ, the Turks are just plain nasty. It's that middle America white trash roch n roll that has a direct line from The Trashmen through The Stooges through The Dead Boys through The Replacements. One leaves their shows and needs to peel a layer of skin off. Musical hydrochloric acid. Fuckin A! Your ears hurt, your eyes bleed, and your bones crumble.

Or something.

So, it’s a line-up of bands for the under 21’s like Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Forever The Sickest Kids and Boys Like Girls… versus... the New Bomb Turks, Live Fast Die, and The Ex-Whites.

No contest!

ps... I love this version of Joy Division's "The Drawback"

June 21, 2010


This is post #400. When I started this thing, it was an outlet so that I wouldn't take Mr. Razor Blade and, well, "bleed out". Luckily the term bleedin out is conducive to the type of music that I dig.
I don't know how much longer I am going to keep this blog alive... I am suffering from what many of my brethren have... the lack of response from readers.
We'll take it day by day... for now.
Here's a compilation of some stuff that you should enjoy- take a long toke... and pass it on.

On this comp you will find: Superchunk, The Sonics, Guitar Wolf, Cheap Trick, Social Distortion, Big Star, Dirty Pillows, Thin Lizzy, Stooges, The Carrie Nations, Stiff Little Fingers AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

click here to download the compilation!

Thanks to those who read my blog. Fuck you to those that don't.

Semper fi, muthafuckas!

June 16, 2010

So Messed Up

The environmental disaster caused by the ruptured pipe in the Gulf Of Mexico will affect generations. The damage that has been done already is unfathomable, and there is no reason to expect the problem to be solved any time soon.

Our President took to the airwaves last nite
to provide what he hoped would be a verbal panacea to the American people.

He failed.

What could he of possibly said to solve the problem? The USA doesn't have the technology to fix this mess and must rely on BP to remedy the problem.

It's amazing to me that the American people seem to think that Obama is Superman, or Jesus Christ or Houdini; and can solve these problems (the economy, healthcare, the BP disaster) with a wave of his hand.

After 8 years of Bush's mishandling of virtually everything- it's going to take some time.

And I haven't even mentioned how BP was able to get away with sub standard construction due to cronyism with-in Bush's administration.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are fucked.

No toonage today... maybe just a funeral dirge.

June 13, 2010

Crazy Mersh

It's a lazy Sunday, and I found these old commercials that are just plain wrong.

This one set Chinese- American relations back 20 years:

Gary needs sensitivity training:

Here's a commercial in which they put radioactive dust (yes- radioactive!!! dust) on a model's face!

And- finally proof that Cigarettes are good for you!

June 9, 2010

Straight Outta Compton

Click here to see Ice Cube and The Roots rock the shit out of NWA's "Straight Outta Compton".

And here is the original:

And here is my favorite cover:

or maybe it's this!

Damn, that shit is dope!

June 4, 2010

Exile On Main Street

So, the Rolling Stones have resuscitated the classic "Exile On Main Street" and added some tracks.

10 "new tracks". Meh. Most Stones freaks have at least a handful of the "unreleased" stuff (I had 5 of the 10 already).

The remastered original tracks are brighter and have more emphasis on the horns and piano than the original muddier mix. Of course, since most folks listen to shitty mp3 versions on portable devices, your auditory mileage may vary.

A sharper eared comrade of mine is convinced that Jagger re-recorded some of the vocals on the "rare" stuff.

With regard to the "rare" stuff, there's nothing here that would have made the original album any better. There are traces of other Stones tunes in many of these (echoes of "Paint It Black" in
"So Divine", "Good Time Women" is a rewrite of "Tumbling Dice") and alt versions of others ("Soul Survivor" with a druggy Keef singing, "Loving Cup").

Is it worth the investment? Well, if you've been listening to your scratchy old vinyl version of Exile, than it's probably high time to go digital. However, if you already have it on cd, don't bother. You can source out many 1968-1972 Stones rarities on-line (in fact, scroll down, and I have posted a few trax that are NOT on the new re-release).

The documentary on the making of Exile is very very kick ass.

Hey, click this for a pretty funny bit with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards about the new Exile On Main Street re-release

Rolling Stones - Shine A Light (alt version)
Rolling Stones - Memo From Turner 2
Rolling Stones - Stop Breaking Down (alt version)
Rolling Stones - Sweet Virginia (alt version)
Rolling Stones - All Down The Line