June 16, 2010

So Messed Up

The environmental disaster caused by the ruptured pipe in the Gulf Of Mexico will affect generations. The damage that has been done already is unfathomable, and there is no reason to expect the problem to be solved any time soon.

Our President took to the airwaves last nite
to provide what he hoped would be a verbal panacea to the American people.

He failed.

What could he of possibly said to solve the problem? The USA doesn't have the technology to fix this mess and must rely on BP to remedy the problem.

It's amazing to me that the American people seem to think that Obama is Superman, or Jesus Christ or Houdini; and can solve these problems (the economy, healthcare, the BP disaster) with a wave of his hand.

After 8 years of Bush's mishandling of virtually everything- it's going to take some time.

And I haven't even mentioned how BP was able to get away with sub standard construction due to cronyism with-in Bush's administration.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are fucked.

No toonage today... maybe just a funeral dirge.

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