September 18, 2013

Taking The Show On The Road

This weekend,  the thang that I am involved in (as host/mc) The Original LIVE BAND PUNK ROCK HEAVY METAL KARAOKE will be taking the show on the road. 

We are doing shows in Boston at TT The Bear this Saturday 6-9 and at Ri Ra in Providence, Rhode Island Sunday 2-5 pm.

These are shows benefitting NE Distance, a running based charity.

If you’re in those areas this weekend, c’mon down, indulge your inner rock star, & get on stage with a kick ass band. We’ve got everything from GG Allin to The DK’s to AC/DC to Kelly Clarkson. Because Kelly Clarkson is more punk than any of us.

You can click on the links for ticket info, directions, etc. 

I’ll be the guy in the Yankees shirt, berating and engaging the local populace.

Punk Rock!

September 15, 2013

The More Things Change

Saw DOA last nite. Joey Shithead (though now he goes by Joey Shithead Keithly- a nod to his political career) looked great, a bit greyer these days, but lookin’ healthy in his torn and patched jeans and sleeveless denim jacket (the Canadian Tuxedo). Thankfully, the band blazed (Joey even played geetar behind his back and with his teeth- holy guitar hero, Batman!). Joey was as unintelligible as ever (think of a Grizzly Bear singing) and the old and newer songs sounded great. I think I first saw them as a tyke in ’81, and it’s probably a small miracle that they are still a-showin’ and I’m still a-goin’.

And then tonite, the Angry Samoans are playin’! I would have liked to have gone to that too, but I’m lazy, it’s a Sunday nite, and besides, “Breaking Bad” is on. Yeah, white and lazy.

Speaking of which, the one show I woulda loved to have gone to was The Replacements re-union at Riot Fest a couple of weeks ago. Though, imma not big on this reunion talk, since imho the ‘Mats were done when they threw smokin’ and drinkin’ Bob Stinson out and the band became a Paul Westerburg solo project.

But, dang if I wasn’t weeping like a little girl and pogoing at 3 am, watchin’ the ‘Mats footage from the show. “Bastards Of Young”, “Left Of The Dial”, “Takin A Ride”, “Color Me Impressed”, “I’m In Trouble”... something about seeing that vidage & hearing that toonage reduced me to my 18 year old ghost.

That’s an emotional response I didn’t expect (especially as I wasn’t there in person). 

But that’s what music can do to ya. It was fun yellin’ out the songs with Joey at the DOA show, and I am sure my visceral reaction will be the same seeing the Keith/Dez/Chuck version of Black Flag this Thursday. BF & DOA were huge bands for me back in my yoot.

However, something snuck up on me watching that ‘Mats show. 

I watched the crowd singing along to every song- yeah, some people were probably really annoyed by that.

All I felt was envy. Wow, to be part of a huge crowd where everyone was feelin’ it. And yet, even as part of the teeming masses, you would still have this personal stake and response to the songs. 

What a rare privilege that would be.

September 11, 2013

Who Can Turn The World On With His Smile...

I have been missing in action for quite some time. Total avalanche and each day I wanted to get motivated to be here and I couldn't.

Between work (good and busy), education (taking some on-line courses), rock n rolling (though not nearly enough), and some familial med challenges; time just vanished.

Here it is, September. My crab grass is dead, I've put on about 20 lbs. Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.

But... enough about happy old me.

Life is good and imma gonna get back to making the world just a little brighter with this blog.