September 18, 2013

Taking The Show On The Road

This weekend,  the thang that I am involved in (as host/mc) The Original LIVE BAND PUNK ROCK HEAVY METAL KARAOKE will be taking the show on the road. 

We are doing shows in Boston at TT The Bear this Saturday 6-9 and at Ri Ra in Providence, Rhode Island Sunday 2-5 pm.

These are shows benefitting NE Distance, a running based charity.

If you’re in those areas this weekend, c’mon down, indulge your inner rock star, & get on stage with a kick ass band. We’ve got everything from GG Allin to The DK’s to AC/DC to Kelly Clarkson. Because Kelly Clarkson is more punk than any of us.

You can click on the links for ticket info, directions, etc. 

I’ll be the guy in the Yankees shirt, berating and engaging the local populace.

Punk Rock!


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I'm thinking you or somebody in your fucking Army has a Lou Reed story or two you are dying to share.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You must be on a very long road. Hope u come back soon. Take it ez, Pat

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