January 24, 2013


My very own Dr. Benway upped my meds to a level that has made me alternate between being unable to think and being able to think too much. He's also made me promise to limit myself to a couple of drinks a week and no other "funny stuff" until my brain chemistry stabilizes.

As a result, my creative muse has done flown the coop and I am spinning in and out of elevated/depressed mental states.

Big fun.

Certainly, my body detoxing is not helping me in my current psyche; nor is the winter gloom.

I seem to be staring at my computer screen alot; unable to even do my job...much less any type of writing.

And, this nameless, shapeless, spectre of dread seems to be trailing me.

Yeah, I know... middle class white people's problems. Waah waah waah.

I suppose listening to alot of music from The Melvins isn't the best panacea for my ills, but it seems to be helping a little.

Here, try some on for yersselves.


Justin said...

What's up Nazz? Troubling last two posts, not sure what to read into them. A tall glass of water and wide cup of coffee to you bud...and thanx for the Melvins reminders.

Dave said...

You don't have to minimize your depression. It doesn't help. A lot of us have been there. Take care, and thanks for the blog.