January 11, 2013


Apropos of nothing. I just got socked with Princess Nomad's Spring college invoice. I just paid over more money for that one semester than it cost me to go to school for five years (not including beer and dope of course). Holy crap- the price of University is absolutely absurd. AND... that's factoring in that the kid got about $25,000 in grants and aid. Luckily, the Princess is a great student (and most of the $$$$ she got in grants was due to her academics).
I have no idea how parents who haven't been able to save and borrow can do this.

I just hope she remembers my largess when she's looking at my life support and deciding whether to pull the plug or not.

In other news... there's this band called THE CLASH that was around last century  You should look into them. They were a nifty little combo.


gobshyte said...

ah yes the clash.i think ive heard of them.didnt they have a song called "im calling london" or something similar?

Anonymous said...

You hope she remembers your large ass? Did I read that wrong?


Nazz Nomad said...

they did some car adverts or something