February 28, 2011

Next Stop: Tiger Beat!

We spent Saturday shooting our album cover. Way freaking cool. One of our friends (forever known now as "Damsel Adams") is a professional photographer and worked with us. And it WAS work. As were shooting in NYC, on an unclosed street, we constantly had to stop and scramble as cars drove by (we were shooting in an intersection). It would ruin the surpirse, but the cover is an homage (or blatant rip-off) of a rather well known classic LP.

We WERE going to shoot it exactly where The Ramones first album was shot, but decided against it. However, we did do a classic "band against a brick wall" shot that will soon be posted up in this here gallery. And of course we did the obligatory tribute shot to these guys.

It was really hard work to be a model. Avoiding the self conciousness of being in the camera eye is tough. Especially as how we were all having trouble taking the whole thing seriously. Especially on the "candid" shots that will be for Tiger Beat. Originally I was going to pose with no pants on, but it was damn cold. And shrinkage is a bad thing.

But it was soooo cool as passersby kept looking at us and some people even came up to us and asked if we were a band.


Your driver said...

If the Tiger Beat spread gets you any teenage girl fans I'm calling CPS on you.

Anonymous said...

intersection, classic album, my moneys on machine gun etiquette. i'm thinking the CPS is something different to that in the u.k., here that means a bunch of idiots would decide not to prosecute

Your driver said...

child protective services

Nazz Nomad said...

we also took some shots that would be perfect for the NAMBLA journal.

Your driver said...

I thought Tiger Beat was NAMBLA's journal.