February 1, 2011


What a treat this past weekend to see The Muff's! Kim Shattuck and mates Ronnie Barnett-Bass and Roy McDonald-Drums  put on a swell show (Kim told me she loves the word "swell") at Maxwell's in Hoboken.

I actually hadn't been 'cross the river to Maxwell's since the late 80's. As far as I can tell, it hadn't changed at all- except the beer prices were higher! Thinking back to the shows I saw back then... Redd Kross, The Replacements, Dream Syndicate, and so many more. Why haven't I been back in 20 years? 'Cause I'm white and lazy!

Back to The Muff's... is there anyone more darling and sweet than Kim Shattuck? I think not! She led her band into a playbook of all of their best loved tunes (and no, they did not play their cover of "Kids In America") plus some new ones from their forthcoming unreleased elpee (being shopped around with da labels currently). Kim's duality of sweet wholesomeness and the gutterall growl she can bring forth were perfect with the three chord garage/punk/pop goodness. And plus, she's just as nice in person!

The crowd (sold out) was extremely enthusiastic. And, as a bonus, I even got to break up a fight! Because, now that I look like this guy, no one messes with me.

When Kim came out to sing "Rock N Roll Girl" with opener Paul Collins' Beat (Paul of course being The King Of Power Pop!- and jee-zus, he and his band kicked ass too!), the circle was complete! Paul blushed when Kim hugged him. And the rest of us just stared jealously!

Here's a live Muffs show from the good folks over at Music Ruined My Life. Enjoy it.

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Four Steps From The Blues said...

Just followed you back over from a comment you left on my blog. haven't visited here in about a month. I was jealous that you saw Paul Collins, but now I'm frustrated and angry.

point #1: you saw Paul Collins. A long-time fave.
point #2: You were at Maxwells

Haven't been to Maxwell's in twenty years either, but now I live several hundred miles South of there and likely will never visit again. The Hoboken Scene was a great part of my life.

And this is what put me over the edge...
point #3 Collins was opening for The Muffs! I didn't know the band was back together.

I want to be reincarnated as Kim's guitar. I'm a Hamburger lover.