February 29, 2012

5 Years

Today marks 5 years that I have been self pleasuring myself on this blog.

I was supposed to be a writer. People who knew me back in school are always surprised that I haven't made it my career. This is a sad representation of what was supposed to be "my calling".

Like pretty much everything else, it's a second rate result of higher hopes and expectations.

When I started "Bleedin Out", I was totally stressed and hoped that this blog would soothe the voices in my head. "Bleedin' Out" was derived from the Roman practice of cutting one's wrists, lying in a warm pool of water and gently dying, as the blood drained from the wounds. Alot like writing.

I guess the benefits of this blog were that it kept me going for five years, got me turned on to some good music, gave me an outlet to bitch and moan, and meet some great folks (that would be YOU). Thanks to anyone out there who has read this blog, and thanks to all who have taken cyber-pen to hand and left a comment. Your comments were my sustenance.

As I have my "Naked Lunch" moment- there's not a whole lot to look ahead to. And things are only gonna get worse.

I have grown older and nothing is very much fun anymore.


Andrew Otis Weiss said...

Where does the time go?

Keep on keeping on, man. This is one of the few sites I still read on a regular basis, and my wife says thanks for hepping her to Alice Bag's Violence Girl.

Uncle E said...

In the age of shit little pleasures like your blog sustain more people than you know. Myself included. Keep it up, we need ya, man.

Mr. Dave said...

Sorry you're feeling down about this.

Weird personal convergence from the picture of Joey's grave and your Fridays post. I was working with an unpleasantly anti-Semitic crew at a restaurant. One night, I came home, turned on Fridays and saw the Jam for the first time. I was already into the Ramones and punk, but Private Hell was just about the most intense performance I'd ever seen. Liberating. Thanks for the reminder.

I hope you start enjoying this again or find something you do.

AC'63 said...

Keep on writing .. it keeps you going .. it gives you somthing beyond the day to day shit .. I have to pick up a camera soon and take a photo otherwise the shit it going to bring me down .. keep on writing .. you sent me a outline once it was great .. do a story on seeing a band a CBGB's .. do it like you were jack kerouac listening to Jazz .. make it sing ..you have it in your veins . let it flow.

aikin said...

I'm late as usual, but happy five! It seems like only yesterday

jeffen said...

Here's to five more motherfuckin'years!

Don't let the bastards grind you down


stupiddle said...

As Flipper once sang, 'Life.. life.. life is the only thing worth living for.' Man, I'm 60 & still wondering 'Where's my place in all this?' I'm given new hope with the Occupy movements, Anonymous takedowns, basically the Internet returning the power to the people, where it always belonged. You're a dreamer but you're like me & other artists: You're awake. Others haven't had the nudge yet, the inspiration, the muse, the call, to open their eyes so the veil can be lifted. That's the best thing we can do until our paths are found: Keep getting the word out. Like Uncle E said, we need ya. Every voice counts. We are very special to be here now & witness a revolution in our lifetimes. This one is global & exciting! Promising times are ahead. Now is no time to give up on the dream.

Your posts have given rise to many fond memories: The Dodgers game my family attended where I spotted Johnny Ramone in the bleachers & got his picture with me & my daughter; the times I'd see Alice Bag around town with her family, eating Japanese noodles at a favorite hang; etc. Thanks for all you do!

justin said...

5 years of doing something besides taking up space and breathing is a nice milestone. Came to the game late but really enjoy reading what you have to say. Thanx Nazz

Nazz Nomad said...

shucks- you guys are swell. thanks for the kind words.

-valis said...

Keep on keepin' on Nazz!

(That psycho girl story hit home for me. Seems to happen more frequently now.......am I a magnet for strange?) <that was rhetorical.

I like your style. Always have.