February 26, 2012


The show "Fridays" was a shameless rip-off perpetuated by ABC in the early 80's to capture the audience demo of NBC's "Saturday Nite Live". It might be best known for being the launching pad of "Seinfeld's" Larry David and Michael Richards. Also notable was a totally surreal stint by Andy Kaufman where  Kaufman "breaks character" and a fistfight took place (later revealed to be a ruse).

However, I remember it as being a great source of live performances from some of my favorite bands.
The Clash, The Jam and The Plasmatics all had notable gigs on the show. The Plasmatics show (in the heyday of their hyped nihilistic glory, was especially entertaining). I still get chills watching The Clash.

List of bands that performed on Fridays:


Michael said...

I'm with you there... Fridays was my primary source to see cool bands from outside the mainstream. Sort of like the first season or two of SNL, before they started playing it very safe with the musical guests.

Jon said...

an even cooler forgotten show was Night Music with David Sanborne. It came on well after midnight on Sunday Nights and I'm sure almost no one saw it. I was working a miserable night schedule at the time and I rushed home on Sundays to catch NIght Music. Sanborne specialized in pairing disparate musicians and having them do duets. Conway Twitty with The Residents, Bootsy Collins and Carla Bley, NRBQ with Pharaoh Saunders. He also brought on a number of excellent bands that I never heard of again.

SilentWay said...

Fridays was a great show. I remember seeing the TUBES for the 1st time on that show.
Add us if you have time. We added you.

aikin said...

that show was on SO long ago, but I can almost remember the same as Michael - Fridays introduced me to a lot of stuff I might not have otherwise heard.

The Plasmatics sure weren't getting radio airplay. Even back then.

Anonymous said...

I haven't missed a SINGLE episode of Fridays. I was hooked ans has no social life... Give me ganja! JA JA JA JA!

Nazz Nomad said...

I remember Michael Richards being the ganja man and also playing a disturbing child who burned plastic army soldiers. As a Noo Yawker, I had a 'tude against the show since it was so obviously Lost Angel's geared. But, man, did they ever have some cool music- much more interesting then Snooze Nite Live was at that point (with the exception of the occasional band like Fear or The Specials)