November 30, 2009

Cheesy Ennui

Strange days. There are some very dark storm clouds at the old veal pen. I know a little too much for comfort, and am hoping that I survive this onslaught.

In addition, I blew out my back again this weekend. Our main television crapped out and I had to carry it out to the garbage and than bring our old one up from the basement. These are the old solid state picture tube cathode ray monsters, not those dainty flat screens. For a few minutes I actually contemplated consumerizing and doing the purchase thang, but sanity prevailed. The missus and I promised each other that xmas 2010 will be the target date for any new frivolous expenditures. That's if we still have jobs, of course.

Our band has hit some sort of ennui as well. We just can't seem to all get together and work on these new songs.

Some of us hooked up this weekend and we came up with a new one "The Ballad Of John List". It's very much in the Damned/Stooges vein. But we've got 6 songs that we have to finish up. 6! Plus, we're still waiting on the final mix of our video for "Kids Go To The Woods, Kids Get Dead".

One thing I can recommend is the new destucto-porn flick 2012. Horrible dialect, cheesy acting, complete improbabilty and the total annihilation of Planet Earth. Perfect holiday fare!

Here's some cheesy music that for some reason is sticking with me.


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Longy said...

I watched 2012 last week. I struggled to stay awake to be honest. Typical,usual,trash! I'm just glad I didn't pay to watch it.