November 5, 2009

What Happens In Vegas...

...stays in Vegas. Or something.

We survived our Halloween excursion to Sin City. It could be called "From Big Elvis to Coolio in three drunken days."

This is "Big Elvis"... down to 400 lbs from his original 800 lbs!

Three solid daze of booze, broads, rock n roll, horror and fun! We ended up doing virtually everything on our list. Some of the hilights were the Fangoria Magazine Trinity Of Terrors, the best bar in Vegas: THE DOUBLE DOWN; where we consumed much ass juice and did not puke, and the Halloween weirdness on the Las Vegas Strip.

We dressed as disco zombies... complete with silver foil disco shirts and much blood and gore. Our back story was that we were on our way to Studio 54 and were killed by zombies. And we deserved it. Why? Because we were going to a disco!

Disco Zombie meets the Oral/ Anal Girls

We also took in the club scene at the Hard Rock Flesh and Fantasy Ball. That was weird multiplied by a million. Old Nazz invented a dance move called the sway and topple. It's when you drink so much that you sorta fall into people. Punk rock!


Oh, did I mention that we spent the entire three days with a total of 5 hours of sleep? The only was to avoid a grievous hangover? STAY DRUNK!
The view from our room

We gambled a little bit and did the snake diet... one meal a day.

And our last bizarre encounter was at a 5 am $5.99 steak and eggs casino restaurant, where Coolio sat at the table next to us and was completely out of his mind .

Oh... in case you didn't know... there are hot girls everywhere in Vegas... they must grow em in a field somewhere!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to go back!

Chuck Berry - Too Much Monkey Business
The Cramps - Dames, Booze, Chains and Boots
Three Aces And A Joker - Booze Party
Dropkick Murphys - Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced

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Your driver said...

Christ I hate that place, but I had no trouble picturing you having a good time. Drunk is fine and it was swell to hear about Coolio but what about John Waters? Your reading public demands a report.

Nazz Nomad said...

we DID meet John Waters! He was very cool. John actually took the time to chat with us at a "meet and greet" for about five minutes. He told us a funny story about having a friend send him the Jason's mask from the Friday The 13th movies and through a series of USPS fuck-ups, the police and national security got involved. He also very kindly posed for a couple of pictures and signed a band photo of us as well as graciously accepting a copy of our cd and movie dvd.
One cool fucking dude.

Anonymous said...

i'm so fucking jealous of your weekend of debauchery, i'll be returning to sin city as soon as my wage packet allows, love the place, love the sleaze, love the lights, it's disneyland (possibly on crack) for grown ups

ib said...

Way to go, Nazz! You well and truly put my own Halloween celebrations to shame; you would absolutely not believe me if I told you...

I am as envious as anonymous. And then some. At least green is a suitably sickly hue.