November 16, 2009

And On The Farm He Had An Aneurism

A couple of quickies...

The excellent site Music Ruined My Life has turned me on to this gentlemen named Frankie Turner. Sorta an angrier Billy Bragg/Ted Leo. I am quite impressed. See for yourself:

We recorded again this weekend... a demonic, demented version of the old children's' staple "Old McDonald". And yes, it's for another movie... about a satanically possessed "speak and spell". I'll post it as soon as we finished mixing.

Yeah, I play bass, but this guy REALLY PLAYED BASS!

And lastly, I suppose it is important to know that our new soon to be hit was recorded under the influences of this and this!

Semper Fi, muthafuckas!

1 comment:

Piley said...

what happened to the Acid Memories??!! Just like the real thing, it's all got a bit hazy and dissapeared!!!! ;-)

Love that picture at the top, a woman who really seems to be enjoying her work eh??!