November 10, 2009

No Peace In The Valley

Hit another number on time's odometer this weekend. Possessed by a feeling of relief more than anything else these days. I still have a job (yes, we had yet another bloodbath at the veal pen last week), health, family, etc.

Challenging days ahead for sure.... apparently, the biggest growth market in psychiatry is in the spouses and children of working folk. The anxiety level has escalated to epidemic proportions with kids worrying that mom or dad will be out of a job.

Something is gonna give at work... too many suits walking around being shown the environs. Are we for sale? Who isn't? So we sit and hope the scythe is whetted at another site.

Good times. Good times.

How can I explain to those that weren't there
Of the days and the nights and the trouble we'd share
An old man's tale's at the end of the bar
I shoulda finished before I made it this far



Your driver said...

Everybody's Happy Nowadays was the music for an AARP commercial. Happy Birthday.

AC'63 said...

Happy BDay .. welcome to getting older.

I was just told by a friend that the radio station we worked at togehter closed its doors 20 yrs ago yesterday. Feeling old!!

Keep you head up, always remember Karma is a bitch, so do right and you'll be fine.