November 23, 2009

J. Mascis is Gawd

Noise is for heroes!

or something. A major omission in my musical history was keerected Sat nite as I witnessed pure guitar noise fury with Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth.

It was going to work out perfectly... Dino Jr were the support, so I could engulf myself in them; and when I ran out of patience with Sonic Youth, it would be out ta door and heading home.

Except that Dino Jr only played 50 freaking minutes!!!!!! Yeah, they were fantastic, J. Mascis drenching the crowd with wave after wave of guitar bliss, whilst Barlow and Murph held the riddim. But I wanted more. Much more.

J. Masic is our alt Neil Young. Look at the long white hair, hear the guitar distortion, feel the off kilter vocals. Hey, the following vids aren't exactly hi qual audio... but you get the drift!


Little Fury Things

And Sonic Youth were really entertaining too! I actually made it through their entire set and wanted more! Kim Gordon is (almost) Gawd too. Jeez... I hadn't seen Sonic Youth in many years and that's a mistake I won't make again. Me likey the Sonic Youth.

Cross The Breeze

The entire Sonic Youth Set 11/21/09 can be found here!
(thanks to NYC Taper)
A whole lot of Dinosaur Jr live shows can be found here!


Anonymous said...

Wow, 50 minutes is a short set for Dinosaur Jr. I'm also with you on Sonic Youth. Except for a handful of songs, I kind of get what they're doing, but that kind of non-melodic no wave noise experimentation, well, life's too short is what it is...


Piley said...

love both these acts... what a cracking line up. Hows the ears tho? are they still there??!

I'm off to see Motorhead tomorrow night, supported by the Damned!! If I have any hearing left i'll be v surprised!


Nazz Nomad said...

Piley- I am waaaay jealous that you get to see Motor-Damned!
Warden - SY definitely were in song mod, rather than noise mode- they played most of their new allbum (not that I knew any of it), but I'd rather hear the songs than the noise anytime!

Piley said...

24 hours on... my ears are still ringing!!!

jonderneathica said...

There are also some nice live sets by Dino Jr., J.Mascis and the Fog, Sonic Youts, and the Meat Puppets here: Happy Thanksgiving, Nazz!