June 17, 2008

Feelin' Minnesota

I gotta go to Minnesota on business. A three hour flight and then a three hour drive up north. That oughtta be interesting... I hope I don't hit a moose. They have moose in Minnesota, right? I know they got mosquito's.

Since I'll be staying over in Minneapolis, I was gonna do a Husker Du/Replacements tour. Look up their old haunts. Or maybe hang out with Prince.

But instead, I'm gonna hit a Twins game. Always wanted to see where this guy kicked ass.

But I will stay away from this place. Jeez, what a waste of real estate. And to think, people consider it a tourist destination!
Here's some toonage from Minnesota's finest.

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Matt said...

As a lifelong resident, let me be the first to say "Welcome" to our fair state!

For the Replacement's leg of the tour, you've got to hit 26th and Lyndale South. That is South.
On one corner you've got the former Oarfolkjokopus record shop (now Treehouse Records, and still a damn fine place to shop!), which looms large in the history. Then, exactly kitty-corner, at the same intersection is ...Here Come's A Regular... The C.C. Club. It's the best damn bar in town, and it's still looks about the same as when the 'Mats drank there. I swear I've felt the ghost of Bob Stinson, a few times. In fact, it's such a fine establishment, I'm going to mosey over there right now!