June 7, 2008

It's A Song About Turtles

I have no idea why this song is making me laugh so much right now. Could it be the many Dead shows in which we would sing the wrong lyrics to f#ck with the tapers, and than of course the grand build up to INSPIRATION. Oh, did we use to love to f#ck with people. Can't blame it on the drugs or booze either. We were just Punk Rock douchebags. That car blasting Black Flag in the parking lot? That would be us, sunshine.
Yeah, I know, I went to 200 plus Dead shows and followed em all around (and probably another 100 Dead related since the Fat Man checked off this mortal coil). But I wasn't a Deadhead. I wore footwear! Yeah, and denial is a river in Egypt.

I Can't Figure Out
Is It The End or Beginning
It's a song about turtles
What the f#ck are they singing?

and here is the most relevant thing Hillary's husband said in 8 years.

Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station (live 3-18-77 Winterland)


infinite fool said...

Just saw Ratdog play the entire Terrapin Suite at Mountain Jam last weekend.

I'll post the show soon.

Michael said...

I sometimes laugh through this one too. It's that conviction with which Jerry always delivered the lyrics - which are, by all accounts, totally nonsensical. Gotta love it.

Nathan Nothin said...


Nathan Nothin' here.

Just giving you a heads up that it's my one year anniversary in this bloggin' thing. Feeling good, so...

The Fleshtones, as requested.

It's a "F" thing.


manicgirl said...

What does Terrapin mean? Back home there was a head shop called Terrapin Station, but I never knew what it meant.