June 10, 2008

Burning Renditions

Here in the North East, it's hot. Went to around 100 degrees .
Big Fucking Deal.
The media makes it out like we've never had hot days before. Get over it people. In fact, I wore a denim jacket to work today. Mostly because I couldn't find my holster and I need to carry my sidearm. But people looked at me like I was crazy to have a jacket on. I like it hot. In fact, let it get to 110 degrees. New Yorkers are a buncha pussies. However, it is nce to see sweaty women in various states of undress.

Speaking of pussies, I am going to see Robert Plant and Alison Krauss tonite. So, aside from their collaborations from their album Raising Sand, I'll get to hear pussified versions of some Led Zep tunes, as they are playing reconstructed versions of "Black Dog", "When The Levee Breaks", and a couple of others. Jeez, old Planty looks an awful lot like this guy these days. But Krauss is kinda hot.
But not as hot as it is outside.

Robert Plant & Allison Krauss - Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson
The Replacements - Misty Mountain Hop (Live)
Pearl Jam w/ Robert Plant - Thank You (Live 10-5-05)
Aerosmith w/ Robert Plant & Jimmy Page - Bring It On Home (Live 1-12-95)
Neil Young, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page - When The Levee Breaks/For What It's Worth (Live 1-12-95)


manicgirl said...

It's hot as hell outside and you are completely insane for wearing a denim jacket.

aikin said...

I feel no pity - it's ALWAYS hot in Miami!!

lol @ the "sweaty women"

Anonymous said...

Yes, Plant looks like a homeless man who had failed charity plastic surgery, but he can still sing. I like warm weather, but too much makes me dehydrate, the effects of which are like a hellish hangover with no pleasure. Winter sucks, but at least it means no dizzy/sick crap all day long. I could never live fulltime in a desert area, let alone a hot high humidity area (MI in summer is hot and humid, but far more tolerable than most other parts of the US in this and many other ways).