February 21, 2008

Pain Is My Girlfriend

First off, the Foo Fighters are fukking ROCK STARS. And I mean that in a good way. And, in addition to playing two hours of ROCK STAR ARENA ROCK, they are good guys too. They let some kid from the Make A Wish Foundation (actually Garden Of Dreams- same concept) play drums for a song and they also had an auxillary stage that jutted out about 3/4's of the way into the floor (yeah, I know they're not the first ones to do that) so the folks in the cheap seats could be up close and personal for about 6 songs.
The show was being broadcast by some Music TV station, and Mr. Asshole Hipster Blow Dried V-J was doing his live remotes right in front of me. So, if you happened to see the broadcast and you heard/saw some idiot screaming "Slayer", well that would be me.

Oh yeah, they also had some guy play a Triangle Solo.

Punk Fukking Rock.

Here's a link to our friends at One Died Simply, who have kindly posted up the Foo Fighters Feb 2, 2008 Oakland show.

But I digress, this post is about how it sucks to be getting older. Yeah, it is better than dying, but it still hurts.

My back is killing me, and I still might be hungover from 2 nights ago. And I have to be a grown up and work and shit. And I can't take my pain killers at work because than I tend to stare off into space and drool a bit. Which tends to make me friendlier to the lumpen proles. It's a vicious circle. Or something.

Anywhere, here are some tunes that fit my mood.



Allen L. said...

Thanks. I am home recuperating from a microdiscectomy operation for a herniated disc. The pain is unimaginable.
You brightened part of my day. (Or maybe that's the valium....)

Allen L. said...

Thanks for your comment on my site. I am not as avid a blogger but I hope you will come by and read on occassion.
Since we were talking about my daughter I thought you might like to read the last entry on the blog about her. it's http://itsalulu.blogspot.com/ the entry is called Lizzie.
You might enjoy it.
Ot at least appreciate it.
And, hey, love your blog. Too many music blogs are all twee and weak indie. yours is very refreshing.
As soon as I am off the painkillers I will add you to my blogroll.
Also, hey, come on by the webzine I write for: www.shuffleboil.com you might like it.
Rock on!

Anonymous said...

You should look into a fairly new non-surgical procedure where a back specialist basically gives you an epidural cortisone anti-inflammatroy injection. I had a S-1/L-4 herniation and it made everything better. A little on the expensive side, however and my insurance would not cover it. The'd pay for several months of physical therapy and then an MRI, but not what ultimately worked.

garychching said...

Hi Nazz v interesting blog, only had a quick look, I will be back

aikin said...

yes. It sucks getting old.
I've got things that hurt all the time!!

Anonymous said...

Emerson here. I had L5S1 surgery 12 years ago and was in constant pain when I slept wrong. The best thing I did was years later I bought a 4 foot body pillow and more recently a lumbar pillow for right where the disc is. Now I can run again where I used to walk like a drunk at best. I also take MSM and Glucosamine, but it's mostly the extra pillows.

Nazz Nomad said...

well, thanks for all the advice.
i am usually lucky enough to live with some mild sciatica and mild pain, but when it flares up (3-4 times a year where it's heavy narcotic time), man it's a bitch.

surgery ain't in the future... waiting for some of those new-fangled laser type treatments to get a little more refined.

that's what a lot of years in punk rock and other athletic endeavors will get ya, I guess.

jonderneathica said...

I watched the Foo Fighters show on the Fuse channel last night. Didn't hear anybody holler for Slayer. I thought it was cool that Dave Grohl brought Pat Smear and Jenny Green (from the Geraldine Fibbers) on tour with his band.