March 15, 2010

Halleluah (maybe)

It appears that I MAY have a job. I have an offer. The positives are: IT'S A JOB! Multiply that by one trillion. And than, another trillion. Qualified bugger that I am, I have had no success in landing interviews. Other positives are that it is a company that actually has the wherewithall to be investing in the future. I know the people at the company. And it could be a very exciting new career. And this company will be very easy for me to invest my heart and soul and mind into... which is very important to me. They are very big on "green" initiatives and management are not a bunch of cold soulless demons.

Did I mention IT'S A JOB?

The negatives: I have never done this type of work and it is sales. The money for the first 6 months is going to suck. For 2010, my salary will be anywhere from 70 to 75% potentially of 2009. Of course, if I succeed (and I WILL succeed if the economy doesn't kill me), I can do pretty darn well higher than last year. But in terms of $$$$$, I tend to look at worst case scenario and scope it from there.

But that's a whole lot better than 0%!!!!!!!!

It's just that old foolish pride getting in the way.

Did I mention IT'S A JOB?


Your driver said...

A lot of companies are willing to hire sales people in a bad economy. Still, selling something that makes sense to you and doing it for people who aren't assholes makes selling easier and don't forget, IT'S A JOB.

Actually, two friends who were out of work for a long time got jobs this month and another friend has a very promising interview this week. Not a "Why should we hire you?" interview but a "What incentives can we offer you to come to work for us" interview.

Thanks for the Fountains of Wayne. I really like them, but I haven't thought about them in months.

bonus question: What's the difference between a new job and a new girlfriend?

Anonymous said...

congrats on the job, have a drink or two before it's back to grind and enjoy the last few days, it won't be long before you'll be bitching about work again. Don't give up on the book, i want to read a second chapter

Unknown said...

Congratulations! I hope it works out.

Andrew Weiss said...

Knock 'em dead, Nazz!

Denier said...

Welcome to the Working Week, know it won't thrill ya, hope it don't kill

But seriously, You da Man! Now get in there, get established, and get me a fucking job there! Just kidding... sort of.

Nazz Nomad said...

What's the difference between a new job and a new girlfriend?

i give up!

Your driver said...

Six months later, the job still sucks.

Piley said...

Nice one Nazz, hope it all works out - let us know!


Highlander said...

Welcome back to the world of wage slavery Nazz.