July 9, 2010

Bands I Just Don't Get

Your old pal Nazz has never been one to swim downstream with the other fish. However, sometimes I find myself swimming upstream.

Here are some bands that I just cannot get into. I am not posting anything from any of em for obvious reasons. However, just for shits and giggles, if you click on each band name, you'll get routed to a "surprise" video.

Radiohead - I will grant that "Creep" and "Paranoid Android" are classics. And the whole "pay what you want" thing was cool. However, the mass adulation that these fey imitations of early 70's Pink Floyd escapes me. I find myself completely bored by the wan, precious toonage. Is there a drug that I am not aware of that makes these guys interesting? And Thom Yorke's solo stuff leaves me cold. Crack a smile every now and then, guys. It might help.

The Hold Steady - America's critical darlings? The music is rather rocking, but Craig Finn's vocals completely run roughshod over the backing instrumentation. This band reminds me of going to a bar and having some asshole next to you singing the wrong lyrics out of key. And not in a good way either. The only explanation I can think of is the old line about Elvis Costello: "critics like him because critics look like him".

Pavement - Feh. Slacker music. These guys are just too smug and pleased with themselves. I listen to these guys and the energy just drains out of me. I guess I just don't dig that lo-fi stuff.

The Pixies - Agreed, they have a few good songs ("Tony's Theme", "Debaser", "Wave Of Mutilation" come to mind). But the blind adulation that The Pixies have received for that "soft-hard-soft" approach is baffling to me.

Genesis - Didn't like em with Gabriel. Despise them when Collins fronted the band. Prog rock turns into Top 40 mush.

and here is something to mess your minds up completely!!!!!!!!!!


Uncle E said...

I think you're the only other person I've known (kinda--as much as one can "know" someone from the webinet and their posts, anyway) that shares my feelings of indifference to Pavement. Never understood their popularity, man.
Radiohead? Hmnnn. OK Computer was a 3 star album for me, The BEnds a 3 star, their massively successful Kid A was half a star, and the new one was a 2 star. I actually like Hail To The Thief the best. It seems more edgy and subversive. The Pixies? I could take 'em or leave 'em, once again total indifference.

Rinjo Njori! said...

I like Radiohead , but you are spot on with these other bands. One thing I hate about reviewers of Hold Steady is that they constantly point out references to Minor Threat or Youth of Today. As if that is critical on any level. He is just mentioning those bands.

Andrew Weiss said...

I am in agreement with you on all counts.

Also, I am totally swiping your brilliant concept and turning it into a mini-meme.

Longy said...

I agree with your choices except Pixies who I think are brilliant.

One band I have never got and everyone seems to love is The Doors. I can't stand them!

Loved the LN vid :)

Nazz Nomad said...

uncle e: i like some of radioheads songs - but the endless paeans to their spozed "brilliance" is undeserved

rinjo- The Hold Steady also name check the Dillinger 4 - I guess cause Finn's from the Twin Cities. He is a guy I would love to have a few beers with, but whilst listening to another band!

Andrew- beat my guest!

Longy- I have lots of buds that have never drank the Doors Kool-aid either.

Anonymous said...

love the idea, as with almost everyone i don't agree with everything, i kind of like the hold steady and i do like the pixies, spot on with the rest, especially genesis and phil fuckin' collins. My personal bafflement is why anyone ever liked Rush, load of self indulgent prog bollocks

Jon said...

I have heard of all of the bands you mention. I don't think I could name any songs by them. I have no idea why some people listen to the stuff they listen to. I'm always surprised when someone else likes the stuff I listen to. It's always been that way.

Most of my favorite artists seem to have sold records to me and their mothers.

I know the only Pink Floyd song I ever unreservedly liked was "See Emily Play". It goes well with the Teletubbies.

Anonymous said...

While I'm a strong supporter of the Pixies (not to say their influence hasn't been over-stated) the massive critical acclaim of everyone else on this list baffles me as well.

I split from my generation of the question of the Beastie Boys whose take on hop-hop never moved me.

P.S. As to the Doors, I suspect you need to be under 15 the first time you really hear them, the older you get the harder it is to take Mr. Mojo Rising seriously.

Mrowster said...

Couldn't agree more, Nazz. The bands you've mentioned all get SO much more attention and kudos than their negligible triumphs warrant. Looking forward to your next trashing of critical sacred cows!

Maestro said...

You know what really sucks about The Pixies? Their fans. I went to see them once when DOOLITTLE was fairly new and it was like some David Lynchian camp sing-a-long. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the occasional audience outburst of lyrics but this was every fucking word sung LOUD. Highly irritating.
SURFER ROSA was a good album, DOOLITTLE was half good and after that it was very spotty. Although I did like that Jesus and Mary Chain cover they did.
Don't get the Radiohead adulation either. And, for me, Wilco is the most overrated band I can think of.

aikin said...

Agreed. And for most of those bands I can't even point to one or two songs and say, "I don't mind those."

I really dislike most "indie" music and the bands that begat that genre.

Furtheron said...

Never got Radiohead - just doesn't work for me at all.

Genesis - funny I was more into the old stuff played live with the Collins fronted band - see the latest DVD from Italy or go back to three sides live... I felt the stuff stronger etc. with him singing and live rather than studio... some of the later stuff ok but my wife was more into that

Bands I've never got... Oasis - pub rock that's all... and the Beatles I have to say - some stunning stuff but in between (esp the White Album) a load of filler I think almost all albums of them there are only a couple of tracks I really want to listen to repeatedly

Lisanne said...

for me it's Ted Leo and the Pharmacists..what's the big deal?

and totally agree on the hold steady..can't stand genesis either. don't get me started on Yes.