December 29, 2011

21st Century Digital Boy

Armageddon must be around the corner- I just got a MacBook Pro. Hey, my company wanted me to get a laptop (and footed the bill), so why not go for it? I'm making dick money, might as well get a perk.

Now I am truly a tethered 21st centruy boy- I got the 'droid phone, the desktop and the laptop. I might as well get one of those tracing collars for around my neck and the RFID chip embedded in my forehead.

Of course, with 2012 breathing down our necks, I'm rootin' for the apocalypse... when all these toys will be worth little but scrap metal.

Biohazard covering Bad Religion??? WTF?

For my pal Jon from Poetry Is For Assholes

I'm a sucker for group harmony's.

And this is Punk as fuck!

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