January 3, 2012

Redd Kross rarities

Jangle jangle jangle... it's 2012.

It's time for some Redd Kross--- one of my all time fave bands- early so-cal punk to KISS worshippers to power pop legends.

Here some pretty rare (shit- I hadn't seen this stuff before on-line) of the McDonald Brothers and friends...

starting off with the classic DESPERATE TEENAGE LOVEDOLLS- the story of Bunny, Kitty and Patch.

Desperate Teenage Lovedolls by crazedigitalmovies

The "Third Eye" incarnation got to perform on a couple of NBC late nighters:

and a crucial cover of a great song from Queen:

more to come!


TubaFrog said...

Cool! I was always curious to see Desperate Teenage Lovedolls. I thought it would be... better?

Man, I love Redd Kross!
Lately I have wondered what the "hardcore punkers" (Nazz as elected spokesman, of course) make of the different styles/genres R.K. has evolved through.
As for me, I'm a softy power-pop guy nowadays (ranking Phaseshifter, Show World, and the Malibu Kids record amongst my all-time favorites) but also appreciate their early brat-punk sound as just as perfect!

Looking forward to your thoughts on their transformation, and to your threat of "more to come."

Nazz Nomad said...

well- the movie was made by a bunch of crazy acid head kids- so, you gotta take that into account- besides- ORSON WELLES COULDN'T PLAY GUITAR!
I always thought Redd Kross were punk as fuck- even when they went power pop -I saw them play a show with DOA and the Circle Jerks and open with KISS and play most of the Teen Babes lp- - if that ain't punk rock, then I don't know what is! The only album that left me a bit cold was Show World- a bit too wussy for me. But I would throw "Third Eye" and "Phaseshifter" against ANY 80's lps- just great, timeless stuff.

PS- Check out OFF - Old skool LA hardcore brought to you by one of the MacDonalds and the Circle Jerks Keith Morris

ElectricBozo said...

FYI - "I Was Born To Love You" is not a Queen cover. (Yes, there is a Queen song by that title, but not THIS one.) The Redd Kross tune in question is somewhat rare (as in never officially released), and has been embellished greatly with additional instrumental & vocal work by one Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (probably best known for his days in a little band called Jellyfish).

Anonymous said...

hey bozo- thanks for the 411- peace, love and microdot-