November 23, 2012

Metal Moron

Me and Dave had tickets for Judas Preist. At Madison Square Garden. Of course, this was about 1984. And I was about 18.

And as a teenager, I was going thru a very quick metal phase. Metallica’s “Kill Em All”, Motley Crue, AC/DC, ad nauseum. 
So, the opportunity to see Priest was very wunderful. 

Or something.

We set out via train for the 2 hour trip into NYC. I was wearing some sort of studded metal vest that my girlfriend lent me. That, plus my Kirk Hammett junior mustache, and Gene Simmons hair, really must have made me look like a babe magnet.
Nazz- 1984 Metal Loser

Of course, acid was involved, as it was in virtually everything in those days.

So... tripping away, we loaded up on booze and hit the show.

This was back in the days of excess (duh) and Priest was no exception. Huge stage sets, Rob Halford in his closeted metal leather glory, riding the motorcycle onto the stage, and the twin guitar attacks of KK Downing and Glenn Tipton shredding.

About three quarters of the way through the show, we started noticing things flying through the air. Dave said something about what a great marketing gimmick Priest had, selling cushions to fly through the air.

The show ends and we grab the subway. I put my token in and Dave jumps in with me. 

Bad idea.

A NYC cop busts us and detains us in our LSD glory.

We were definitely going to be arrested until, when we had to produce I.D., it turned out that the cop went to the same Catholic High School as Dave did. So, he told us it was our lucky day and set us free.
Dave smirked something to the effect of “you see, no problem”.

I punched him right in the mouth.

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