December 14, 2007

Baseball Altamont

I could care less if every Baseball player was taking steroids and HGH. If their heads exploded one day after they retired it would make no difference to me. As long as my team was successful (and The Yankees sure were), what do I care?
Athletes have been cheating forever… whether it was corked bats, stolen signs, amphetamines or anything else they could do to get an edge.
If someone gave me the opportunity to make millions of dollars playing baseball by shooting a needle into my arse, I’d do it in a heartbeat.
And of course they were going to lie and plead innocence… wouldn’t you?

In tribute to these brave warriors… I humbly offer the Bleedin’ Out Baseball mix.

Download the whole kit and caboodle by clicking here!

Yo La Tengo – Baseball Altamont
Weezer – We Are All On Drugs
The Vipers – Cheated And Lied
The Muffs – You Lied
The Clash – Cheat
Swingin’ Medallions – Double Shot Of My Baby’s Love
Stevie Ray Vaughn – Cold Shot
Sex Pistols – Liar (Live Atlanta – 1978)
Rolling Stones – Don’t Lie To Me
Ramones – Needles And Pins (demo)
Queen – Liar
Painted Ship – Little White Lies
Irma Thomas – Cheater Man
Husker Du – The Biggest Lie
Hank Williams – Your Cheatin’ Heart
Grateful Dead – Silver Threads And Golden Needles (live Chicago 1969)
Funkadelic – Hit It And Quit It
Face To Face – You Lied
Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Liars A To E


Sonic Reducer Radio said...

Genius compilation! I ran across your blog from some list. What a great first post to read.

b said...

Great post! (baseball, the clash, hank williams, the pistols- does it get any better?) I'm very scared of that picture up there. . .

The Dodgers didn't fare too well; I grew up with Gagne pitching and Lo Duca catching so it was a little bit of a reality check, to say the least. Not that it's ruined the game for me or anything.

Dr Science said...

Great idea to start out your baseball mix with a song by Yo La Tengo, whose name is what a spanish speaking baseball player would shout. "I Got It!"