December 7, 2007

Better Redd than Dead

With the horrible events that happened in Nebraska fresh, I now await the obligatory mass media coverage. This will undoubtedly include shit-hole magazines like US and People doing features on the murderer and the victims and that fat pig Oprah hugging some of the family's. Happy holidays.

How soon until one of the retail dot coms runs an ad that says something to the effect of "stay safe shop on-line".

Oh, yeah... today is the 66th anniversary of A DAY THAT SHALL LIVE IN INFAMY. Maybe you should hold off on ordering the sushi today.

Saturday night REDD KROSS is gonna be playing here in En Why See (actually Brooklyn, but that's close enuff for rawk n roll). Word is that they will be playing their tunes in chronological order from 1981's Born Innocent through their new album (soon to be released).
You can click here for a Redd Kross post from a while back.

I am fukking psyched. If you are in the environs of Fun City, you should be at this show.

Here's the set list from the show (not including encores)

Here's some shit you probably don't have:

Redd Kross (aka Red Cross) - Born Innocent Demo's
Redd Kross - 2500 Redd Kross Fans Can't Be Wrong

And this just in... the audio (nicely recorded- thanks to whomever took the trouble to tape and post on dimeadozen).

Click here for Redd Kross December 8 2007 Southpaw, Brooklyn NY

This show fucking rocked.

and click here for a couple of live vids from the show thanks to our friends at Found In Brooklyn.


Rinjo Njori said...

Ah! Jason Lee before that mustache and his comedy legacy..

Mars said...

I loved Redd Kross BIG TIME back in the eighties. So much so that I mentioned said love in my year book. What a goofball!


Nazz Nomad said...
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Anonymous said...

Please reupload "Redd Kross (aka Red Cross) - Born Innocent Demo's" the link is dead! thank YOU!