August 8, 2008

I Heart Riff Randall

Gabba Gabba Hey

Ramones - Medley From Rock n Roll High School

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Anonymous said...

Jim Basnight Here. Love your blog. A fanzine that I assistant edited called "Chatterbox" gave each of the Ramones a T-Shirt when my first band (the Meyce) opened for them in Seattle in April 1977. Johnny Ramone is seen in "Rock and Roll High School" numerous times earing one of the shirts.

I think you'd be pleasantly surprised if you heard some of our music. If you want to hear more about the Jim Basnight Band, Moberlys, Rockinghams, etc. please let me know and I'll send promos.

The band's live show is really top notch right now and I'm hoping that you get a chance to see us live or on video. If you have any questions or need any more materials please get back to me.

Best wishes,

JPSquared said...

I love The Ramones!!!! (and I love your blog:)... It's #1, with a bullet!

Nathan Nothin said...


Synchronicity again.

Was just catching up on some blogs before heading out to see the Riff Randalls at the Blue Light here in Sacramento.

I 2 luv Riff.