August 28, 2008

Shuffle To Slave

I feel like beating a puppy to death with a sack full of kittens.
With apologies to the good folks at Slave To Shuffle, here's the next five up on the queue with pithy comments included.

Black Sabbath - After Forever - One of those songs from my acid drenched youth. Coming right after "Sweet Leaf", Ozzy sings about the consequences we all face after becoming worm food. Singing about God's payback being a bitch? Maybe Oz got a bit nervous after singing NIB on B.S. 1? Spirituality and a killer bass line from Geezer Butler. Jeezus, Master Of Reality is sooooooo fucking great.

L7 - Hanging On The Telephone -The chicks in L7 had bigger balls than any of the boys in Blondie. And they were all a whole lot hotter than Debbie Harry! Bonus- L7 was a band called "Camel Lips" in John Waters' Serial Mom.

Replacements - Sixteen Blue (outtake from Let It Be sessions) - Big surprise the'Mats came up. Not. Never one of my favorites, but I know alot of the kids identified with this song back in the day. With the ballads, I preferred "Unsatisfied". And "Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out". Yeah, ballads. Or something.

The Jam - That's Entertainment (Live) - A huge hit in England. I loved the frikkin' Jam. Even got to see the band back in the 80's on their last USA tour. " Lights going out and a kick in the balls -That's Entertainment".

AC/DC - Shot Down In Flames - The only AC/DC that matters to me is the Bon Scott version. I respect that they have kept it going, but Brian Johnson has always sounded like he's trying too hard. As a result, his singing comes across as a pale, screeching impersonation of the master. I will always be indebted to AC/DC because, along with the Ramones, I can always figure out how to play their bass lines.

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Jeff said...

L7 were such a great band. The tampon incident at Reading is one of the punkest moments ever in my book.

Amigos De Los Monos said...

THis could be a Slave to Shuffle post--

The Jimmy MOrbid MOment - I feel like beating a puppy to death with a sack full of kittens.

The Big Jack Moment- Black SAbbath Ac/Dc

The Rinjo Moment - a Nerves/ Bondie reference and The Jam

Thanks for the Press... Happy Labor Day

Mister Awesome said...

The tampon incident was pretty hardcore.

Uncle E said...

I don't hink it's even debatable; Bon Scott was the heart and soul and balls of AC/DC. He brought the sleaze. Listen to Let There Be Rock and tell me they weren't punk rock stripper music. Excellent band back then.
And thanks for the link. You have one on my little site as well.