September 2, 2008

Like Takin' Carrie To The High School Prom

"I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members."
--Groucho Marx --

I have been notified that I will be the recipient of A BIG HONOR. My industry has an award (I guess it's sort of a lifetime achievement kinda thing - not that I'm particularly a grizzled veteran), complete with a banquet with hundreds of people, a magazine article about yours truly and other assorted aspects.

This is apparently A BIG DEAL.

The question I have is... "WHY ME". I really don't merit this award (and I am not being humble). It is more likely that some peer of mine in the industry decided it would be a nice thing for me to get this honor and nominated me.
Either that, or they figured my company would buy a table at the banquet (fat chance of THAT happening!).

Regardless, this is embarrassing. I vision myself being featured in the article and readers wonderin' WTF? Even worse, I have to accept the award and have a room full of people LOOK at me and wonder "who is this asshole"?!
There are many people in my business that deserve this honor. The fact that I got it cheapens the award forever more.

It's important that I accept this, since it might help me in my career. But jeez, this is like Milli Vanilli being elected into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame! OK, maybe not that bad. Let's go with GWAR. Yeah, me showing up at this banquet is like GWAR showing up at a Baptism.

Maybe I'll just copy this speech word for word. It's perfect.
Now I get to stress about how I'm gonna fuck this up for the next couple of months.

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infinite fool said...

My one teaching award dates back to the days when I was one of the worst teachers on the planet - too young, too stupid, too arrogant to actually even notice my students.

To make matters worse, my award was handed out first that evening. I got up and gave the short speech my boss had instructed me to give. The the rest of the awards were handed out - without any more speeches. Everyone else just said thanks and sat down, thus making me look like an even bigger asshole than I actually am.

Anyway, congrats on the award you don't deserve. Enjoy it when you think of the recognition you do deserve but never get.

Anonymous said...

You work in the exciting field of Arts, Recreation, & Travel: Establishments, Revenue, Employees, and Payroll?

Of course you deserve a reward!


aikin said...

maybe that Chinese girl who lip-synced their national anthem at the Olympics could stand in for you....

gomonkeygo said...

Well, uh, congratulations? I guess.

I love the bookage postings. Read everything so far you've mentioned but the Replacements book, though it's been on bookdar for a while.

Have ya read the Neil Young Nation book? Got it for x-mas but haven't started it yet.

Nazz Nomad said...

the mat's book is interesting but a little "fan-ish".
didn't know about the neil book- i'll look it up!

Matt said...
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Matt said...

That comment I made down on the "M/C Douchebag" post?

It was supposed to go here.

That's just how I roll...