September 22, 2008

Gonna Leave This (Un)Brokedown Palace

Utterly absurd to be tearing down Yankee Stadium. The fat cats get fatter. Regardless, Nazz Jr. and I made once last pilgrammage for the final games.
This is a shot taken as we drove away. You can see the Yankee Stadium lettering in blue, right above our Ramones air freshener!
The Yankee Stadium Facade.

Mariano Riviera pitching the 9th inning. You can see the ball speeding it's way to home plate (slightly to the right of the 2nd basemen).


Unknown said...

This year they are in the process of tearing down Tiger Stadium here in Detroit. It was retired back in 2000. I've never been a big baseball fan (or really, never much of a sports fan) so it didn't have a lot of sentimental attachment for me.

What irritates me the most is how mega-corporations buy up the naming rights to the new stadium so they can slap their logo over the front door. Corporate tentacles invade every aspect of our lives now.

aikin said...

Speaking of fat cats, I hear it's going to cost a TON of money for season tickets at the new stadium.

Also, Nils Lofgren released some sort of Yankees song I heard a little of this morning. You'd probably have to be a serious fan to like it, though - nothing real great.

Devil Dick said...

i miss mickey rivers...

b said...

glad to hear you caught one more game there at least! i didn't plan ahead enough to do that. anyway, i've been seeing "remembering yankee stadium" hardcover books all over the place since i got back here . . . eh.

love that last picture with the speeding ball!

Nazz Nomad said...

Mickey Rivers- "Old Gozzlehead". I loved the way he had that weird little hitch in his motion when he threw the ball in from Centerfield.