September 27, 2008

Let's Go Mets!!!!!

Mr. Met begging for one more win!

Went to the Mets' debacle last nite. Perhaps the last time Nazz jr and I will be at the old stadium in Flushing. Yes, it's a dump, but it's MY dump.
I must have gone to a couple of hundred Mets games at Shea Stadium in my life. Growing up a couple of miles away from the park will let you do that. I remember walking through Flushing Meadow Park back when I was 12 years old to go to games and sit in the upper deck for $1.60. These days, I don't let my kids play outside without watching em. And yet, back in the day, my mom would let me and my pre-teen pals trek a couple of miles to go to games.

I was at the 1986 World Series Game 7, when the Mets beat the Red Sox thanks to a couple of botched Red Sox plays (hooray for Bob Stanley's wild pitch and Bill Buckner allowing Mookie Wilson's grounder to go through the five hole). I actually snuck into the game, but that's a story for another posting.

I also have a big bag full of gen-u-ine Shea Stadium turf (well, it's dead grass and dirt now) from when we stormed the field when they clinched the division back in '86. We actually got written up in the NY newspapers since we jumped onto the netting behind home plate and jumped 20 feet onto the field (amazing how Vodka, Champagne and Valium reduce your inhibitions).

We're down to possibly one game left. The Mets need to beat the Marlins tomorrow and have the Brewers lose. Or, if they both finish with the same record, it's a one game play-off on Monday. So, the Metskies BETTER FREAKIN' WIN!

It was sad to say goodbye last nite. The new park is going to be beautiful (at a cost much higher for tix of course) ... and less seats (to drive up the demand); but will it be home?

Here's a couple of pix from last nite... I have tickets for one of the play-off games, I hope I get to use em!

LET'S GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!A view of the field.
You can see Citifield (the new stadium, in the background
Jose Jose Jose Reyes hitting the ball.

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