September 15, 2008


Hard to believe that Joe Strummer has been gone over five years already.

I was lucky enough to see The Clash once. I was at one of the legendary June 1981 NYC shows at Bonds. I had given this girl I knew from school money for a ticket when they went on sale and didn't see her again until I ran into her at a May Day Pot Parade (from Washington Square Park to Central Park). Lo and behold, she presents me with a ticket!

Distant memories of the show... driving into NYC and finding a parking space in my 1967 Plymouth Fury. Buying some sort of white powder off a brother in the street; thinking it was THC but lord knows what it really was; running into my Jappy sort of girlfriend (how did SHE get a ticket?), and than seeing the best band in the world. I remember the poor reception the rap stuff got, but seeing em do Safe European Home and London Calling was all a young Punk coulda ever asked for.

Never saw em again. Passed up the show at Shea Stadium with The Who (too "commercial" for my delicate Punk sensibilities). What an idiot I was!

I heartily recommend that you see The Future Is Unwritten; which is a great documentary about Joe.

And if you're in the bar tonite, raise a glass to Joe Strummer! A true Punk Hero.


Joe Strummer Action Town Hall

Joe's Last Show 11-15-02

Joe Strummer w/ Mick Jones - London's Burning

Joe Strummer w/ Mick Jones - White Riot

Joe Strummer w/ Mick Jones - Bankrobber

Joe Strummer w/ Mescalaros - I Fought The Law

Stiff Little Fingers - Strummerville

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Piley said...

Nice piece. Am a big punk fan, but the Clash were never one of my favourites. Liked the early stuff, but was never crazy about the punky reggae mix. However, Joe was a top top man, and is very much missed. My mate spent an evening with him round a campfire at Glastonbury one year, and still talks about it in minute detail! Sounded like he was a real genuine guy though.


jeffen said...

You did the Bond's post.


Thanks for the good work.

manicgirl said...

well, you know how I feel.

Nazz Nomad said...

I would have liked to have known Joe Strummer. I agree, he seems like a genuine guy. And that's why at times he was so off the mark critically (for whatever THAT'S worth). When you're a real person, you wear your heart on your sleeve and sometimes that does not lead to success. He followed his own heart and impulses and those kinds of artists and leaders are a true rarity.
We need many many more like him.