April 27, 2010

Cawt-Nee Luv

The missus and I are gonna go see Hole tonite. Or, more accurately put, Courtney Love and the moops she is calling Hole these days. The widow Cobain is back on the road, but without the actual members of what was known as Hole. But she's still calling it Hole. Or something.

Yeah, we're big fans. Missus Nomad has been waiting many a year for the opp to see Cawt-Nee and, as my band can assert, I digs her too. After all, we play Celebrity Skin (which our lead singer hates). Rock n Roll.

Has anyone ever had as interesting a journey as Courtney Love? After all, she started out as a tot, pictured on the cover of a Grateful Dead album. From there, she moved into stripping, performing in movies (Sid And Nancy, Larry Flint), became a junkie, married a rock "god", released at least two classic albums, had a kid, had the kid taken away, became an "A-List" celeb, became a junkie (redux), became a "D-List" celeb, and all before the age of 45. If she was a guy, I think people would be alot less nasty about her. Sure, she's bat-shit crazy, but what rocker isn't?

One day, that's gonna be quite a mini-series.

The new album definitely rocks. She's got her wail back on, and the studio musicians certainly get the old "Hole" sound.

We'll see if the show is a travesty or if it is sublime. Or both.


Pig State Recon said...

Somebody's been reading that Poppy Z. Brite bio a little too closely! But I also sort of agree: I saw HOLE play with BABES IN TOYLAND once around the time of their "Dicknail" single and lemme tell ya it blew my socks off. She did it once . . . maybe she'll one day decide to do it again?

Highlander said...

Enjoy Nazz and let us know what Hole were like.