April 28, 2010

Jail Guitar Doors

Never made it into Hole last nite... let's just leave it that the Missus did the right thing and partied on, while me and a bunch of other suckers had a party in the pokey. Can't say I wasn't warned either. Maybe Courtney can do a benefit for the "New York 11!".
I have to say, the entire experience was a blast. No kidding. I think I had a better time than if I woulda been at the show.

The missus said the show was great. Courtney was lucid. The show was under an hour, however.


manicgirl said...

i'm disappointed you didn't upload the 101'ers version of Jail Guitar Doors that I sent.

anyway, though the show is getting creamed by all my facebook friends, I thoroughly enjoyed it. She even played Gold Dust Woman and Sympathy for the Devil!

aikin said...

oops - late on this one too.
I'm glad to hear your wife liked the Hole show. I'm going in July and it would suck if the shows were a mess.