May 3, 2010

Look On Up From The Bottom

An interesting week that featured an excursion to the slammer, a rollicking version of Rush's Spirit Of Radio, much in the way of intoxicants, a viewing of Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls, and listening to alot of Grateful Dead. And dropping a thousand dollars on a new washing machine and car repairs.

The new Dead album from a Philly 1989 show is pretty good. They rocked the show, and the sound quality and song selection is as good as yer gonna get. Listen to it for Free, here.

And Beyond is soooo much trashy Faux Hippie fun... I love the Phil Spector character going homicidal at the end!


LydiaBrunch said...

"It's my happening, and it freaks me out!!!"

Jon said...

History will show that Russ Myers and Roger Corman were great artists.

jonderneathica said...

And the script was written by Roger Ebert! Was Z-Man supposed to be Phil Spector or Kim Fowley? Maybe both.... I'm guessing you've heard the Redd Kross cover of the Carrie Nations.

Nazz Nomad said...

Hi Jon- I always heard it was Spector... it sorta predates Kim Fowley's truly creepy stewardship of the Runaways.
I will post it all in the coming daze.

And Jon- Back in October I saw an awards presentation where Corman got the Fangoria life achievement award. He also did a q and a and was fantastic.