May 12, 2010

Sixteen Again

Green Day should be tithing 10% of their salaries to The Buzzcocks. If it wasn't for Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle's punk-pop paeans to the pathos of post-pubescent romance, there wouldn't have been any freakin' Green Day.

First single: Spiral Scratch circa 1976; which was arguably the first UK DIY punk release. Here it is 666 years later and they're comin' round again with run-throughs of the legendary "Love Bites" and "Another Music In A Different Kitchen" elpees. It seems like every old band is getting their axes tuned and redeploying to tour with "classic albums". I guess it's easier to trade in nostalgia than new material, especially given the costs involved. Old fans for the most part don't give a shit about most new product and would rather live on the band's past glories. A safe investment.

I'm not complaining... yeah, I loved their 90's and aughts releases (and saw em in concert doing 'em). But those two albums they're doing are fucking great. And besides, ANY opp to see the Boos-Cawks is welcome. And if it puts a few more bucks into their pockets, groovy. Though the ticket for the NYC show cost me $41 with all the myriad charges.

Although, I have done the punk rock shuffle and seen em free over the years as well.

A couple of notable shows included an in-store appearance they did in the 90's; where your humble narrator attended said show in a suit and his wife appeared in a maternity shirt 7 months along. No slam dancing for us that night.

More regrettable was a show 'round '94 or so, in which during the encore of "I Believe", my wedding band flew off. I hit the floor to look for it, only to be continually picked up by friendly punks who thought I had fallen during the "dancing". Never did find that ring!

A fun fact: Peter Shelley is, ahem "Homosapien". Or something. So those songs about unrequited love have a special meaning.

Rock n roll.

Hit me up if yer heading to the show Thursday night at Irving Plaza, of The Fillmore, or whatever they are calling it these days.


Uncle E said...

Singles Going Steady is one of my DID's, and you're on the money about Green Day--in addition to a host of other pop-punker-pretenders.

Longy said...

One of THEE finest punk bands ever. I saw last summer for the first time in years and they are still an excellent live act too. Enjoy your gig!

roc said...

As I recall Green Day's biggest influences were Generation X and Husker Du.

Anonymous said...

Lost my watch at an early Buzzcocks re-union gig...maybe they have a guy 'pogo-pocketing'in the crowd?
i thought Nick Hornby was on the nose, in 'High Fidelity'.listen to 'Basket Case', and any early Stiff Little Fingers...