May 10, 2010


We were on time. Hungover, but sober. We waited, while the wanna Madonna clonette did her groove thing and looked very pretty doing it.

The place got crowded as we set up. Didn't talk to anyone. All business.
And then we had to wait 15 minutes. I entertained the punks with bass renditions of Misty Mountain Hop and 2112. We were ready.And then we struck. Part Of The Problem with it's Brother JC Affe spreadin the word in the prologue until all comes back to earth. And then right into the Love theme (to Kids Go to The Woods, Kids Get Dead) :Boobs and blood Fuck Yeah!" lead-in. tHAN pROFESSOR dAMAGE DREadGES THE SWAMP.The place got nuts there were what seemed like a couple of dozen camera's flashing and vids rolling and a slam dunk into The Theme From The Jeffersons.
By this point it was apparent that the tiki glasses were crashing, heads were shaking violently and there were loud cheers.
We literally were trying to have a very suspect looking part of the ceiling collapse and offered free beer if we could make it happen. Alas.
But after a guitar change it was...NERVOUS BREAKDOWN and the joint got jumpin.
At this point I knew we won. The battle against sucking had been won. A knockout in one round. Pulling into The Widow Cobain's Celebrity Skin, my legs got moving and I played a dual bass line through most of the song- can't wait to hear the playback.
Still freaaaaaaking at all the flashes. And the place was just totally filled. Old punks, young gen pouffers, didn't matter... we had em all.
Then into the Ballad Of John List- a tale of a suburban father who killed his family ... it happened in Jersey. Had to have my shit together on that one since I lead it off with a little bass line. And there are a couple of nice breaks in the song- one is a reggae break that transitions into a minor threat mosh- that's my doing. Then not one of my faves-- the moping, gloomy Sweet 16 Abortion. But we wail on it totally, it's creepy, I can see that one being our big hit. And then, my Fave; It's Raining Shit. Good bassline (they get isolated at points), nasty gnarly bluezy vox. Just a song that gets in you face like the alien dude,

At this point I am just hoping that nothing goes wrong- we're on a wild ride and no one is in the drivers seat.

But KingJaffe starts the shpiel from FOnda "we wanna be free... etc... and we wanna get loaDEd"- and the band actually hits all the notes on time during the intro and then it was offffff we went into interdimensional frenzy=. Professor Damage and his protective helmet richertted comets and syurupernovas off his rig and jlo was playing between the drums. And it all melts perfectly into another bare bassline for Erection and it's a bass groove with backing vocals. OOOOOOOOH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH
whoa whoa whoa whoa whow whoa

the ceiling is actually shaking. So whooomp- whooooomp -whooooomp Be My Baby- The Ronettes tune and its love for everyone. Tears were pouring down the most hardened crusty punks faces.

We tried to leave when the encore requests started. The voting between band was Surfin Bird or Black To Comm. Surfin Bird it was.... a compleetewall of noise. Mo and I startedswordfightinwithour guyitars and tangling necks. by the end of the song, my a and e strings were dead.
rock n roll- \\
we even sold 6 of our shirts (hey $10 each - just what they cost us). We got paid with a tip bucket and all proceeds were spent buying flaming volcaNO DRINKS.
Spentalot of $$$$ on party props and didnt regret a second of it.

Rock n Roll


Jon said...

"The battle against sucking had been won"!! Truly great line. I notice that, in practice, I've become quite sedate but in theory I love you fucking guys.

Anonymous said...

Man, I was so close to making it there. Glad you kicked ass. You need to get started writing Ballad of Cell #1 -- I know you dig where I'm coming from.


AC'63 said...

Congrats .. glad you brought the house down.

Highlander said...

See now this is a time when you say Good Work and its loaded with meaning. Good work Nazz.