May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Joey Ramone

Wow, Joey Ramone would have been 59 years old if Lymphoma didn't steal him away from us back in 2001.

Long time readers of this here blog should have a pretty good idea of my love for The Ramones.

Joey Ramone saved my life from middle class suburban tedium way back in the 70's when I first saw them on a rerun of Don Kirshners Rock Concert. It was like a bolt of lightning (or something). I actually felt my young life change... I knew then that there were freaks like me that could get on TV and be rock stars! After all, I sorta looked like a young Joey... all limbs and long black hair and t-shirts and Queens NOO YAWK accent (shitty eyesight too!).

Overnight I went from being a long haired fm radio dweeb to a long haired punk rock loser.

It's been a wacky 30+ years since then... full of sex, intoxicants, hi-jinks and ROCK N ROLL. And I ain't slowing down (much).

This is where it all started for the teenage Nazz:

Thank you Joey!


Longy said...

The world is a much poorer place without Joey in it. The spirit lives on though. God bless ya Joey!

HeyLinus said...


Thanks for the clip... my favourite band, my favourite soul singer.

aikin said...

holy shit, that brought back some memories. thanks for the vid clips!