September 9, 2010

New Hope For The Wretched

So, I get a call from my old band mate Jimmy Pillows the other day. He has a gig booked for this Friday and wants to know if I'll play with him and his drummer buddy. Probably in front of an audience of five (including the bartender). Considering that I haven't played the old songs for a looooong time, never played with the drummer and we have one nite to rehearse, I say "sure".

I forget sometimes that the point of this whole rock n roll thing is to actually have fun and play. It's not about recording, audience size or any of that other bullshit. It's a lesson that was reinforced when I hooked up with these guys last nite. Jimmy and Chris are older than me, and gave me the gospel on "hey it's great to be alive and having fun doing this". They were right. We had a blast, running thru old toonage as well as some chestnuts to play like "Chinese Rocks", "I Wanna Be Your Dog" and "I Just Wanna Have Something To Do". 2 hours later, we had the set down cold.

We also named the band BACON THONG. Hey... everybody likes bacon! It was either that or "Shooting Joan Burroughs". It's a one off, not anything permanent (especially as I still have the mighty CATERWAUL OF SOUND - still recording the elpee). But these guys live near me and to hook up every now and then will be fun. Rehearsing with Caterwaul tomorrow for three hours and then a quick gig with Bacon Thong.

After all, that's what it is all about!

So I wake up today and get an email that the show tomorrow was canceled.

That's rock n roll!


Jon said...

Shooting Joan Burroughs! Now there's an nice obscure name. Bacon thong, it's OK but the everybody loves bacon thing is getting worn out. Save that Shooting Joan Burroughs thing. It'll come in handy later.

You're starting to sound like a bunch of old folk singers: "Shit, we'll just do Omie Wise and Frankie and Johnnie and a bunch of those old songs. Don't worry about it. It's just for fun.

I have occasional fits of nostalgia for the days when rock and roll was going to prove a fucking point but you know fuck it. Fun is fun.

Heff said...

"Bacon Thong".


Jimmy Pillows ?

Who's second in command, Johnny Comforter ??