October 31, 2010

Tomorrow begins the end of America (I Fear)

Well kids, we had 2 years to fix the fuck-ups of Dubya. And despite great progress (national health, the end of old style lobbying, a President that actually CARES about people and not as much about corporations), our brilliantly impatient nation is about to shit through an entire gaggle of morons into office that will gum up the political works for the next two years.
Then, in 2012, The Repugnikkkans will be able to point to the political clusterfuck they created by voting down any proposed legislation and point to Obama as being ineffective.We finally get an intelligent and moral  man, bereft of scandals and willing to LISTEN to the needs of our people, and these baseless moral cripples wouldn't vote that water was wet if it was the Democratic stance.

Dear Tea Party: sorry that Obama was not able to weave straw into gold in 24 months, but guess what... things are getting better! Thanks in advance for fucking up the country again.

I PRAY THAT I AM WRONG. Please. Anyone reading this. Go vote. And vote wisely. Whatever your local issues... vote with an eye towards fixing them.

(I Was At This Show)

(I Was At This Show Too - Central Park - The Loose Joints remarks were directed at me and my friends!)


Heff said...

Ok, here's where we DIFFER.....

Anonymous said...

you have my sympathies, we're stuck with a pair of simpering right wing twats who couldn't make a decision between them

Piley said...

I'm guessing that 'anon' above is from the same part of the world as me!

Good luck Nazz, the whole world seems fucked at the mo, all the best in getting out of it... sigh

Mission Maids said...

This is best ever! Great job!