November 4, 2010

Bumpin' Uglies

It's my birfdae dis weekend. I'm gonna shave my head. And get drunk. And feel sorry for myself. That's my presents to myself.
My presents to YOU are below:

Here's some music from bands that you should research, fall in love with and support. They play both kinds of music: Punk & Rawk.

Action 45- California based mofo's who can actually play play their instruments. Sorta like Social Distortion meets Cock Sparrer. There's alot going on in the music... all of it good. Anthemic and tight. Sorta like the way you wished Green Day would sound. Best of all, lead singer Deuce X. Machina wears a hat better than anyone. Except for me.

Song: Action 45 - Bastards Of America

Action 45 Website

Kitty And The Kowalskis - Kitty has got more punk rock in her blood than pretty much anyone. She's been killing it in NYC for many years and is cool enough to have been a Ramone. Her voice always reminded me a bit of Debbie Harry, but her band has got a lot more balls than Blondie ever did.

Song: Kitty & The Kowalskis - Joey's Song (guess who it's about!!!)

Kitty And The Kowalskis Web Site

OFF! - I know, I've written about em before. Too bad- They're great. Total old skool punk rock (Decline 1 era)- Here, former Circle Jerk Keith Morris does a tribute to the legendary leader of The Gun Club.

Song: OFF! - Jeffrey Lee Pierce

OFF! Website

Yeti Girls - Poppy ala the fabulous Ramonesy brothers. I think they're German. Kind of fey vox, but the lyrics are nasty and the hooks are there. Plus, they get bonus points for a band name that must have come after many bong hits.

Song: Yeti Girls - Love Letter Girl

Yeti Girls Website

The Jam - Of course you know who The Jam are. This demo (just Paul Weller and guitar) of Thick As Thieves chokes me up. We all have friends who we disconnected with; much to our horror, disappointment and sadness. Right?

Song - The Jam - Thick As Thieves (demo)

The Jam Website

Semper fi, muthafuckas!!!!!


Rinjo Njori! said...

Welcome to the club.. Happy Birthday!

Heff said...

Happy upcoming birthday. Shave your BALLS, NOT your head !

Nazz Nomad said...

Heff- I'm married- I had my balls taken from me years ago.

Rinjo- if yer in manhatty tomoro- we'll be getting shitfaced at the double down on ave a

Music for Songwriters said...

goodluck with the head shaving! be safe! happy birthday!

Dustee said...

Hope your day turns out well enough, I'll be giving the tunes a listen soon, thanks for posting.

Dustee said...

Nice music. Thanks for sharing!

Nazz Nomad said...

sarah- just added your site - i like it!

aikin said...

hey Happy Birthday Nazz!
Are you just now turning 40? For some reason I thought you were a few years older. My age, more or less.

At my 40th birthday, someone gave me a coffee cup that said "Welcome to the decade from hell." That turned out to be more than accurate. Can't wait for my 50th...

Nazz Nomad said...

aiken- i'm a coupla years north of 40- but the graphic was cool.

Devil Dick said...

happy b-day young man... heh...

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Even though I got to get a lot better acquainted with the medical profession, my 40s were a splendid decade and the decade after that, which I am still chewing on, has been well worth the gnaw so far. Keep it between the ditches.