November 22, 2010

Aitch Bee Cee

You are your own demon. So sayeth my pal "C" about yerz truly. And she should know. Well, "C" is a true friend and the reality checks and back watching we have done for each other over most of this century have been both mutually beneficial and destructive.

And... since this is my blog, I wanna wish her a happy freaking birthday. As befits her coolness, her party was at some whacked out Bulgarian Bar that's owned or something by one of the guys from Gogol Bordello. It was a nite of crazy music WITH ALOT OF DANCING and an ice/vodka bar in which we had 2 minutes to drink all the vodka we could suck down. Since old Nazz is one quarter Gypsy, I fit right in.

So anyway, in honor of "C" here is some toonage that I know she'll dig. Or something.

The Clash - Tommy Gun (Live 1979 London Lyceum)
Joe Strummer and Johnny Cash - Redemption Song
Hot Water Music - Clampdown
The Strummers - Complete Control (Japanese band covering The Clash)
The Clash- YMCA (Live singalong on WBCN)


Anonymous said...

thanks. ::blush::

we're not out of the woods yet though.

mt said...

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